How to Avoid a Duplicate Content Penalty on Your Magento Store?

Avoid a Duplicate Content Penalty on Magento Store

Magento SEO – Avoid a Duplicate Content Penalty on Magento Store

Search engine algorithms penalize websites with duplicate content. This could be because of duplication of content internally, or from having content similar to that on another website. If your page happens to be a victim and is kept out of index, your visibility on organic searches will be limited. In fact, people might never see your page when they search. To avoid this challenge, you need to work with experts in Magento development to eliminate any instance of duplication.

How to Know if Content on Your Website Has Been Duplicated

It is impossible to solve a problem whose extent you do not know or understand. The suspicion that you may have duplicate content comes once you realize that your ranking has dropped. A simple search will give you an indication of where you stand during web searches. Search engines also indicate that they have concealed other pages with similar content. The Google search console also posts HTML errors, which are registered as duplicate content or duplicate meta-descriptions. Upon further scrutiny, you realize that the duplication has come as a result of different pages on your Magento site, that have similar content.

This happens due to actions of clients, for instance, when discovering different products through internal search, a search through different pages leading to the same product and when filters are used to narrow down results. An increase in the number of pages shown by Google on Index Status is also an indication of duplicate content. You will be penalized irrespective of whether your content is partially or totally duplicated. SEO service Provider scan help you solve problems that arise due to duplication by making a few changes to your URLs and such other coding avenues.

SEO Plugin to Solve Duplication Issue

While coding and SEO technicians can help solve duplication problems, some issues are not as easy to solve. An attempt to use coding or configuration approaches to deal with duplicate content could backfire on you. The ranking of your website will be hit in a concealed manner, making it difficult for you to recover from the penalty. You can choose from among several Magento duplicate plugins that are available in the market. Since they come with a combination of features and capabilities, you can choose the brand that solves your duplicate needs and other concerns you may have.

These plugins can be high-priced but they provide excellent protection against the disastrous effects of duplicate content. Technical experts work with the developers of these plugin to enhance the quality of your experience. Choose a plugin that can handle multiple duplicate content concerns and even prevent them before they strike your website. They should handle multiple languages as well as regional URLs.

Creating SEO Templates for Category Pages and Products

The idea is to include unique meta-data on each page of your website. This means that search engines will view each blog page, product page and product category page as a unique page. The unique data will distinguish URL keys, meta descriptions, alt tags, meta titles and product SEO names, among other features.

You can assign templates to the products or pages you select manually. It works best when you assign the templates to products and pages that have data that is related. Once the search engine makes it rounds through the internet, it will distinguish these templates and therefore identify the pages as unique. You will not be flagged for duplicate content that does not exist.

Use Mageworx to Cross Link

This works by setting up 301 redirects for specific pages on your website. You will have the control to set rules so that a specific search word directs the visitor to a particular page. You can even ensure that the page opens in a new window. This trick also works when the page or product has been deleted. It helps you to eliminate 404 errors that many visitors dread.

This trick also takes care of markups such that it is not necessary to ask your programmer to make rectifications for you anymore. You will have set the parameters that markups on your website would use, in the redirecting process. This is the perfect trick to use when dealing with layered navigation. A plugin is used to generate the titles and meta titles automatically. You will attribute certain features to particular products automatically. Experts in digital marketing will help you find other extensions that can deliver multiple solutions.

Manual Removal of Duplicate Pages

Duplicate content does not always come from coding and web development errors. It could result from your content development approach. For instance, if you have several products that are similar, their content might not differ significantly. Search engines read your pages like duplicate content. It results in penalties from Partial Duplication that you have no idea exists. Create content that is unique for each product. This means that the engines will regard each page differently.

There will be no partial duplication, and thus no penalization. You should update product content on a regular basis. Run searches on a regular basis to determine how Google sees your pages. Google algorithms change from time to time. These changes are likely to override the measures you took in the past, to rectify issues on your website. Consult SEO services specialists and show them the results of your searches to get their opinion and to understand what implications they may have on your website. This also enables you to position your page to compete with other pages that appear upon similar search.

There are numerous extensions you can use, some with singular while others have multiple SEO enhancement features. You need to engage a specialist in Magento development to ensure that search engines are able to read and understand the content on the pages of your website correctly. While the focus on configuration is important, you should not ignore the role that content plays towards eliminating duplication of content on the pages of your website. You need to set aside resources to deal with duplicate content.

These plugins and their updates are sometimes expensive to buy. Further, you will need to work with an experienced digital marketing company that understand duplicate content. Such a company will help you safeguard your page from penalties associated with duplicate content.

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