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Best Digital Marketing Agency of India

It is quite daunting to navigate through the world of digital marketing for many business owners who already have already very less free time. Many expect their digital partner to be trustworthy as well as expert in managing their online marketing needs. Since in recent years, there have been several digital agencies, it has become difficult to select the right one. Though these agencies are great in number, many of them aren’t well-experienced and are on the learning stage.

It is crucial for any business to select the right digital partner. This is because if you go with the wrong one, you will face financial loss as well as it will negatively impact your branding. So, I would like to recommend a digital marketing agency, Rankraft that offers the best digital marketing services for your business growth.

But prior to that I would like you to go through the below queries:

Why Work With An Agency?

The marketing strategy completely depends on your audience. For example, if your target audiences are business executives then you might want your business to be seen on LinkedIn. Snapchat and Instagram are best platforms to target younger people. When it comes to Facebook, you will find billions of users spending more time on this platform and so, businesses get their ROI from the Facebook ads. This is just a single technique that social media marketing services use for building brands.

New marketing tactics are arising every day. This makes it hard for busy entrepreneurs to stay ahead of the latest trends, be skilled in every area of digital marketing and get the best ways to use different platforms.

Therefore, if you hire an agency for this, it can surely help your business.

The agency’s team of experts manages the technical aspects of your marketing strategy and lets you focus on the areas of your business which you enjoy and do best. This also saves your time in finding the right person to hire and train.

Since there are several digital marketing agencies in the market, it is very hard to find the best one. But in this article, I would recommend you the best digital marketing agency of India, Rankraft that offers quality and affordable services.

About Rankraft

Rankraft is the digital marketing agency that understands the working of search robots. Their team is talented as well as has a great experience in building a business’s brand. They focus on their core values of integrity with the clients, building relations, being always available to serve you and maintaining transparency between the customers and them. Their affordable packages help to create a win-win situation for both you as well as them. They highly concentrate on making your weakest feature strong by working daily on it.

They offer wide range of services as below:

SEO Services

  • Professional SEO
  • Website SEO Audit
  • On-Page SEO
  • Link Building


  • Social Media Marketing
  • Paid Ad Campaign
  • Email Marketing


  • Content Writing
  • Graphic Designing

Web Analytics

  • Heatmap Tool
  • Google Analytics

URL Shortener

  • HiiFyi Shortener

Rankraft Working Process

Rankraft follows the below steps to make your brand popular:

Listen to the Clients

When you contact them for your brand building, they keenly hear to you. They note the complete information of your brand such as your niche, vision, mission and your ways to create a brand strategy. This helps them to know your requirements so that they can start working accordingly.

Understand Your Project

Once they have a complete discussion with you about everything, they try and understand your project and plans. They also discuss about your plans among themselves and then make some creative plans. They also share some points with you about their understanding of your project. You can then see if they have really understood your requirements or they are still lacking somewhere. If they haven’t got your idea, you can again explain it to them. They also offer you some suggestions which they think are important to be included in your work.

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If you are happy with their plans and think that they have really understood your goals then you can approve their plan. After your approval, the most important thing they need to do is a lot of research and brainstorming. Once they complete with their research, they bring on some fruitful strategies to help your business perform in a better way.

Campaigns and KPI’s

The team will collect all the required materials and will plan some campaigns and the strategy to run them. After they decide on the process of running the campaign and things to be done while the campaign is going on, it will make their work smooth.

There will be some KPIs decided of your business for engaging the interested audience to your website.


The team will share all the rough work that will be used for your campaign with you for giving you the complete idea about the work. Even your suggestions are welcome or you can discuss about the things you think need to be included or removed. In this way, both you as well as the agency will know about the things to be done for the project.

Confirmation from the client

After providing you a glance of the strategy to be driven for your project, the team will wait for the confirmation from you. Once they receive the confirmation, they will start working on it.

Content finalization and scheduling

Their rough work will then be converted into the final plan to make it worth. Then the content that needs to be displayed will be decided. A schedule for the content’s publishing date and time will be planned by the team. They are expert and know the best time a particular content should displayed to the world.

Execution of the campaign

After giving the last call for the content, the campaign is executed for creating the buzz about your business. The content will be continuously posted and valuable content will be delivered to the visitors. You can check if the work is executed as per your standard.

Analyzing and Reporting

After a few months of the project execution, the team will check if the campaign is working properly by measuring its results. You will get the complete report of the performance of campaign.

Final Words

After going through the review of Rankraft, you might have got an idea about the experience of their team and the way they understand their client’s requirements. They aim at delivering the best results by making your website rank in the search engine. So, don’t wait anymore and opt for their digital marketing services to build your business’s brand.

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