How to Monitor PUBG, Fortnite Battle Royale & Other Online Android Games in Kids Phone

How to Monitor PUBG

Best Monitor PUBG & Fortnite Battle Royale

Video games have reduced the Kids interest in physical activities. Activities like outdoor games, socializing, reading and studying is no more their priority. The video games have become an intrinsic part of kids’ lives these days. Games like PUBG and Fortnite Battle Royale are very entertaining and help pass time. But video games can be a major health risk too. These games impact the well-being of the children and can be dangerous to their health.

The latest video games that have high-jacked the imagination of kids are PUBG and Fortnite Battle Royale. These games are very interesting and have become popular. Children come home and play PUBG instead of playing any type of physical games. These games are a good way to kill time after a hectic day but they also have negative effects.

Below Are The Ways In Which These Video Games Can Affect Kids:

  • Violence: The most popular video games are FortniteBattle Royale and PUBG as they are very graphic and violent. There are some countries that have already banned these games. The games being violent pose a risk of making people aggressive. Parents try to limit exposure of their kids to these games because of these side effects.
  • Guns (Battle Games): The video games that are most popular also have the least humane qualities. These games are battle games like Fortnite and PUBG. Iraq, China and Nepal have already banned these games. The games have guns and other violent characteristics. This can make players aggressive. The games can affect the psychological health of the child too.
  • Addicted: Playing these video games over and over again creates an addiction. It is a mental disorder that is difficult to cure. The fake scores and unreal friends that the kids play PUBG with taking over their lives. The addiction can lead to depression too. Stress and anxiety also are a few side effects noted in kids. These games are bad for the eyesight and make the kids introverted and aloof. The kids do not interact with their peers and this leads to social anxiety. Constant exposure to these games leads to fatigue during active hours.
  • Bad Physical Health: These video games make kids spend most of their time indoors. The minimal physical activity also takes a major toll on health. The bright screen of smart phones can affect a kid’s eyesight and cause headaches. Obesity and weight gain are also a common sighting in such kids.
  • Affects Education: Another practical side effect of video games is the impact on academics. Once the addiction sets in, the kids are less interested in studies. This affects their results and makes them weaker in studies.

Parents can track their kids. Prevent the harmful effects of these games by doing the following:

  • They should keep an eye on the smartphones of kids. Using a spy app for androids like TiSPY on their child’s phone the activities on the phone can be tracked. The app helps the parents by monitoring the games and apps installed.
  • Apart from installing apps, parents should otherwise also keep an eye on the apps installed. They should do a cursory check on their kids’ phone
  • If your kids play these games, you should keep a time log. Keep checking their history to understand how many times they have played the games. The parental control apps also help in creating logs of other apps. The time for each application can also be monitored.
  • You can also block these games in the kid’s phones. TiSPY allows parents to filter the games and to block them. This is important if the kids are adamant on playing these games.

Track Android Games

All of the above activities will be helpful for kids. It will give them a chance to focus on other important tasks. Also, they can save time and use it for productive activities. It also improves their health and education.

You will also be able to protect kids from violence. This helps them avoid stress and anxiety. The social skills of the kids will be improved. The kids will spend more time outdoors too. So try to cut screen time for your kids to improve their health and their wellbeing.

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