Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone and Android Users

Best Photo Editor Apps

Photography is pause button of our life. In Future when we open old memories these photographs are the real partners. It’s an innovation and creativity required to be a perfect photographer. If you love photography and looking for some best photo editor Apps ? Yes!! You are on right platform. Here will list best photo editing apps which will help you to make your creativity more attractive and perfect

Why Photography is important?

Photography is one of the best things which helps us to capture the most important and unforgettable moments of our life.  Few points why photography is important in our life are listed below.

1. Captures the most precious moments:May be we are on vacations or just starting a new life or welcoming a new member only photographs are the pause button. After years ago, seeing old photographs make us realize how time flies.

2.Useful for professional: Photography is important if we take it as professional as images and pictures are required for advertisement, promotion and branding of any products. To buy and sell any products images play an important role.

3.Photography as a hobby: For some, Photography is a hobby.  They use their creativity to capture real life images or of nature walk or something they love. They just capture the images as exactly as they are and give them a real look by their creativity.  This gives them real satisfaction and feels really happy.

Secrets of Amazing Clicks

As we see a picture just say WOW!!!, it gives such a real feel that appeals to eyes  and makes us happy. But what’s the secret behind that photography that it looks so real.  Photography is a trick to capture moment as real. So we will share few secrets of amazing clicks which gives your photography a real look.

  1. Focus on Eyes.
  2. Capture the real moments not the things
  3. Check the light and visibility of the moment.
  4. Try to be close and at a less distance.
  5. Check Quality of tools i.e camera, lens etc.

Role of Photo Editing App

Photography itself is a amazing tool capture our most important and unforgettable moments of our life. By using different tools we can give our Clicks a real look. So, One tool is best photo editing apps. So if you are wandering, why this app is important? What is the role of this app? Here we are listing few.

  1. Removal of unwanted material.
  2. To Enhance Colours ofclicks .
  3. To adjust brightness and contrast.
  4. Photo Cleaning.
  5. Overall enhancement of look of photo.

As we all know, photographs are long-time partner of our memories. To keep it all time young editing of photo is done.

Top 8 Hipster Photo Editing Apps for iPhone and Android

If you are a photographer, and searching for best photo editing apps to give real look to your clicks. Here we are listing below few of the best apps

1. PicsArt App:

best photo editing apps like PicsArt
PicsArt is one of the best and popular and easy to use photo editing apps. This is user friendly and responsive app which helps you to edit your pictures, arrange them in collage, give Magic effects, add stickers to your photos, give unique and cool effects by using different filters. So download the app and express your creativity.

2. Pixlr App:

photo editing apps like Pixlr App

Another name in list of best Photo editing app is Pixlr App. This mobile app which offers you various tools by using which you can make your images an amazing one. Different tools option available with this app are Cropping, Rotation, Auto fix, Auto Contrast, blur etc. So you can give different effects to you photos.

3. Instasize App:

Instasize App

One of the most popular editing apps around, Instasize is a creative toolkit specializing in photos that make you look and feel good on social media. Instasize users can start fine-tuning by adjusting a photo’s size and orientation, and move along to post-processing, color filters, all the way up to adding text and border designs for a clean finish. You can get it on iOS or on Android.

Instasize is available for free, with paid upgrade options. Recently, they’ve also developed a sister app called Made dedicated to providing beautiful, minimalist templates for Instagram Stories users, which you can download here.

4. Beauty Plus:

photo editing apps like Beauty Plus

Beauty plus is an easy to use app with selfie camera. This user friendly app helps you to click your selfie more attractive and clear by using different tools of beauty plus. By using this app you can modify your photos by hiding acne marks, giving perfect smile, can give bright look to your eyes by erasing bags or dark circles.

So, Click your selfie and share your best clicks with your friends.

5. Youcam Perfect:

photo editing apps like Youcam Perfect

As the name suggests you can give perfect click of your selfie by using tools of Youcam perfect. Some of the main features of this app includes real time beautiful effect, option of blur effects at background, give your face luminous and flawless glow, can erase unwanted background material, Face reshape tool can give plastic surgery kind of effect to your photos. This app converts your original photo to a celebrity like look.

6. Adobe Photoshop Express:

photo editing apps like Adobe Photoshop Express

This Photo editor not only gives you option to change look and feel of your photo also different types of collage and photo frames are available on this app. Along with cropping, rotating, give blur, skin modifier, face modifier you can share your awesome pictures with your friends in unique and stylish photo frames and collage.

7. Snap Seed:

photo editing apps like Snap Seed

To Give Different texture, lighting effects, snap seed is best photo editing app. One of the best features of this app is Tune image. This feature gives you option to give bright, sharp, best contrast, colour scheme of your photo.

In this app you can also filter or adjust your photo by zooming the picture.  Rotation tool gives you option to adjust your photo by choosing angle and background required.

8. Photo director Editing app:

photo editing apps like Photo Director Photo Editor

Multiple effects are one of the best tools of this app. Not only this by using brush art you can give new look to your photo. This app holds a special feature i.e before and after effects. By using this tool you can judge your photo after applying different toll features of this app.


So, if you are a photography lover. Searching for ideas to make photography more creative and appealing.  This is the platform where your search ends. Hope this blog helps your creativity to make more amazing and by finding and using different photography tips and photo editing apps, you will give your photography a real look.

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