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WordPress Plugins

The blogging industry is booming at a rapid pace as of the early development of the internet. That only means that with the increase of users, the demand blogs are also increasing.  WordPress as the best tool in this era has its own 409 million users who check 20.7 billion posts every month. It is being concluded that WordPress is solely responsible for its glory.  Initially, it was difficult to blog on the internet. Because of its subtle nature, it has set its standard on the next level. Despite creating blogs, it is best for developing business websites, portfolios, etc.

Though our aim is not to discuss the WordPress trends, we are here to understand the usability of the blog with plugins. Plugins add functionality to the blog website.  The plugins are differentiated according to the purpose the user is looking up to.  Most of the plugins are developed for specific purposes and some are developed for multi-purpose. WordPress Plugin developer can make you understand the difference among the features of different plugins.

but, you should be careful while adding plugins to your blog. Adding extra plugins can create trouble as it can make your website heavier that results in slowing down the page loading time. That will ultimately cause a higher bounce rate.

WordPress has more than 53000 free plugins in its repository. Each plugin contains a plugin description, user rating, number of installs and the last updated date.  In this article, we will discuss the plugins that are significant for your blog post and pages. The plugins could be used to enhance the blog design, social media content, more visitor engagement, revenue increment and driving more traffic. Whatever your goals have for blog, this post will definitely help you out.


WordPress plugins to enhance the blog usability

Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin

Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin

Yoast SEO is one of the most popular tools when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. It has an incredible snippet editor and real-time page analysis. This facilitates you to analyze your page content, meta description, images, and much more. Let us check some of its features both in free and paid version,

  • Post meta and title description.
  • Content Analysis
  • Canonical Settings
  • Primary categories
  • Redirect Manager (Paid Feature)
  • Social Previews (Paid Feature)
  • Multi-focus keywords (Paid Feature)

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WP-Optimize WordPress Plugin

WP-Optimize WordPress Plugin

In order to make your WordPress Blog fast and tidy, you need something which can effectively clean your WordPress database. WP-optimize is just that tool. If you want your WordPress blog to run on its maximum efficiency then you must install and activate it. Some of its features are,

  • Removes all the trash, spam, stale data, and trackbacks.
  • Compact MySQL tables with just a button press.
  • It makes space. When you hit save in your WordPress editor, a new revision gets saved inside your WordPress database. WP-Optimize removes those useless revision copies and makes your database lighter.
  • Carries out Weekly/Monthly cleanups.
  • Highly mobile friendly.

There are many other features as well. You must add this plugin on your priority list or else you’re doomed.

Simple Share Buttons Adder

Simple Share Buttons Adder

This plugin is very simple yet very effective. If a viewer of your blog likes any post in your blog and wants to share that blog on social media. This plugin will equip you with the exact tool you need. Let’s check some of its features,

  • It comes with 11 sets of buttons that can perfectly scale on a different variety of devices.
  • You can customize every button with your own color by using color picker functionality.
  • It also shortens the URL as
  • All the sharing options are trackable. You can easily track all the shares on your tracking Dashboard.
  • It also includes shortcodes as well.

Bloom WordPress Plugin

 Bloom WordPress Plugin

Bloom is an awesome tool for geotagging your content so that whenever someone near that location search for the same type of content, then your content is preferred as a local page search. This can be ultimate for those who are spreading their local business. Try Bloom now.

Fancier Author Box Plugin

Fancier Author Box Plugin

If you’re a blogger who considers his/her every page as a landing page then this plugin is just for you. This plugin can easily help you to create new contacts and leads. You can allow the plugin to appear on,

  • In Post (above, below, none)
  • In page (above, below, none)
  • In custom post types (above, below, none)
  • You can also choose for a standard author bio with Gravatar image and social profile icons.

CoSchedule WordPress Plugin

CoSchedule WordPress Plugin

CoSchedule is an online all in one editorial calendar for social sharing and content marketing. It is a perfect place to schedule all the social media scheduling and post updates schedule. Let’s check some of its features,

  • Schedule and Monitor all your social traffic.
  • Schedule all the bulk social media messages.
  • Enable you to integrate with Evernote, Drive, Google Analytics, etc.

Start using CoSchedule, there is a 14 days trial period, worth a shot.

 Gravity Forms Plugin

Gravity Forms Plugin

Gravity Forms are very important and highly featured plugin. It is a paid version and cost around $59.

This plugin is awesome to handle all kinds of form generation. Let’s see how gravity forms can be used,

  • This simple gravity form includes integration with the CAPTCHA plugin.
  • The contact forms are collectible through email routing. This proves very great for larger organizations.
  • Efficient integration with Mailchimp
  • All the entries are stored and viewable from the backend of the site. Also, you can export all the entries as a CSV file.

WordPress Popular Posts Plugin

Wordpress Popular Posts Plugin

It is a fully customizable widget that will enable you to show your visitors the most popular posts on your blog. Let’s see some of its main features:

  • It enables you to set multiple widgets with each one in its setting.
  • It allows you to specify the post for how long it has been popular.
  • You can also show the thumbnail of your post if you want.
  • You can also choose if you wish to show something else on the widgets.


Jetpack is developed by Automattic and is known as one of the best and useful plugin. It is not only recommended for blogs but can also be used in websites, whether it is related to business, magazine, news or minimalist. Its features include:

  • Used in malware scanning, spam filtering and protection of brute force attack
  • It sends emails and push- notifications of website downtime.
  • Manages multiple blogs effectively
  • Monitor and check different websites statistics from one data
  • Optimizes images to have more bandwidth to load the website faster
  • Attains mobile experience with less image loading speed
  • Applicable for SEO tools, such as Bing, Twitter,, and Facebook

NextGen Gallery

NextGen Gallery

Some blogs are occupied with content only. That represents a boring and dull look of the blog and does not let your content shine. NextGen Gallery is used for the same context. This plugin will enhance your blog’s visibility. It can be used seamlessly as one of the best plugins to be used. It encompasses all those elements and features that are essential for your blog. NextGen Gallery contains two gallery types to be used on the blog or the website, namely, thumbnail and slideshow galleries. You can select the best style for the blog and make them more appealing if required. Its key features are:

  • Slideshow and thumbnail gallery
  • Shortcode options
  • List and compact albums
  • Batch upload photos
  • Import metadata

Everest Forms

Everest Forms

Everest forms are known for adding the forms to your blog post. It can be useful when the user asks you questions about your blog, so, at that very point of time, contact forms will be used. It comes with drag and drop options and gives a user-friendly interface. This plugin lets you easily modify the forms as per your choice. You can create an immense amount of forms with several column support. It came up with the following features:

  • Fully-responsive on any handheld devices, such as tablets, mobile phones, desktops, and laptops.
  • Easily re-direction to an appropriate page after the submission of forms
  • Editable form validation message
  • Check form entries from the website dashboard
  • Attains support from Google ReCaptcha for blocking spams
  • Considered as a shortcode to assist in adding the forms in posts, pages, sidebars and so on.

Concluding Remarks

So,  did you like the list? The plugins are added by keeping in mind their usefulness.  The list will let you enhance the experience of your aims, saves time, accelerate your business and let you stand out in this competitive web world. Use these plugins and let your blog make a better user experience.

Share your list for increasing the blog usability with us through comments. Till then have a Good Day!

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