Is BlockChain The Most Trending Thing Now?

blockchain technology
Blockchain technology, the core technology behind cryptocurrencies, did revolutionize the scenario of tech industry in general. As the demand for cryptocurrencies as a safe option to indulge in virtual money transactions, the backbone technology is always appreciated by those who depend upon the same. Still, blockchain technology is generally considered as synonym for cryptocurrency and related methods of money transaction, but in real sense, it is not so. The only similarity is that blockchain is the backbone technology and cryptocurrency is its end product. As technical aspects of information technology are resulting in radical change within the modern world, security and transparency are considered as utmost important for the success of any innovative idea. If not, people will not accept it because the end result of any technological innovation must be beneficial for all. So, let us go through some interesting and relevant facts and information related to blockchain technology which makes it an instant trend in the modern world.

Top 5 Blockchain Most Trending Thing

#1. Blockchain Technology and Reliability

First of all, the name of blockchain technology is linked with Bitcoin and similar cryptocurrencies due to the fact that cryptocurrencies made use of the potential of blockchain for the first time.  One need not misunderstand that the utility of blockchain is limited within cryptocurrencies. Instead, its utility extends towards other fields like retail industry, food processing industry, and similar industries. For instance, multinational retail corporation like Amazon are conducting experiments on blockchain technology to unmask its worth in storing business secrets and valuable information related to business in general. The speculative aspect of cryptocurrencies and the fact that trading related to the same is illegal does not prove that the blockchain technology is worthless and to be blamed. As more and more multinational corporations are showing interest in blockchain technology, its reliability is showing ever increase.

#2. Blockchain and Printing Technology

Wondering what blockchain technology can do with printing technology? By linking the industry related to printing technology, entrepreneurs can easily overcome the problems related to networking. To be specific, data governance, audibility, validation, etc., can be easily fulfilled by the help of blockchain technology.  Within the scenario of 3D printing technology, blockchain technology is most helpful because uninterrupted supply of data is essential from the beginning till the end of 3D printing. One can see that the amalgamation of blockchain technology is capable to play the role of a medium to supply data in an uninterrupted mode. Besides, blockchain technology can support the designing section within printing technology. As 3D printing is considered as the most innovative step within printing technology, the inculcation of blockchain technology into the same is an added advantage.

#3. Scope of Blockchain Technology in Supply Chain

The most interesting fact related to the development of blockchain technology is that both popular and less popular business ventures show deep interest in this technology. To be specific, popular business ventures keep an eye of blockchain technology because utilization of blockchain technology brings forth radical change. When the experiments conducted by less popular business ventures become successful, others follow the trend. For instance, supply chain management and the utilization of blockchain technology to its core was sort of experimentation. In fact, it is essential to have transparency in supply chain system and blockchain technology can easily bring forth the same. Now, more companies are ready to adopt supply chain technology because its successful utilization in supply chain management proves the same. One can see that supply chain management seeks constant change in business strategies and implementation of related ideas. So, inculcation of blockchain technology can prepare supply chain management companies to head on new challenges.

#4. Support to Developers/Programmers/Engineers

Radical change in the backbone technology will result in long-lasting effects. Within this scenario, those who are with deep knowledge and technical knowhow in blockchain technology will be in demand. To be specific, more developers/programmers/engineers will turn towards blockchain technology because all the leading companies will start searching for experienced hands. On the other side, companies will show interest in exploring and utilizing the hidden benefits of blockchain technology. But now, blockchain technology is in its developmental stage, and more benefits of the same must be identified and utilized in other areas of technological innovation. Those who try to go deeper into the core aspects of blockchain technology can make benefits from it because early developers can benefit more from technology.

#5. Blockchain Technology and Internet Connectivity

Nowadays, almost all technologically innovative gadgets are connected the user with the help of any network including the Internet or intranet. From a different angle of view, this sort of instant connectivity can save time and is convenient to the user in many aspects. As life is becoming easier, forgery is also showing increase because it is easier to hack gadgets with less security measures. For example, it is easier for a hacker or phisher to hack and install any malware into a PC. The personal information/data collected from PCs used by individuals can be used for any purpose including forgery. Within this context, it is essential to adopt a technology in which security is shared among more than one individual or a group of individuals. Here, block chain technology can be utilized as a public platform where each and every user’s interaction is noted. Cooperation among different service providers and multinational corporations for a better future can transform block-chain technology into a public platform.

Per se, mining for Bitcoins and similar cryptocurrencies is solely based upon blockchain technology. From the view point of a person who is acquainted with the mining, collecting, and distribution of cryptocurrencies, blockchain is an innovative virtual ledger in which information related cryptocurrency is collected. Similar to bit torrents, database based information within blockchain technology is shared among different people. When data is written or stored in a blockchain, it is forever. This sort of accuracy and clarity with digital evidence makes blockchain technology as hacker proof. In short, blockchain technology injected the feeling of security and transparency into the core of information technology, and future will prove its worthiness in different fields as a common platform.


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