How to Build a Social Media Sales Funnel ?

Build a Social Media Sales Funnel

Build a Social Media Sales Funnel

Sales funnel is a process to increase sales or give your sales a much-needed boost simply. It does so by engaging people who have not been exposed to your brand into making them your loyal customers. Sales funnel the journey the customers take to complete a purchase. This can be done through the following steps: awareness, interest, consideration, conversion. Sales strategy are built on these pillars. Social media is the power boost for sales funnel.

This conversion happens in stages, it is extremely crucial that all the stages are followed and not skipped. The stages are the following:

Give your product adequate exposure – Use all platforms you can think of to give your products maximum visibility. Multi-channel exposure raises tremendous awareness. Keep your brand voice unified. Run same messages across different platforms. Post relevant and useful content. Visuals are more impactful, so take help of photographs and do not compromise on the infographics.

Interlinking of social channels keeps the conversation about your brand going. Take help of Twitter and Instagram to make an impact through content. With Facebook create communities around your brand. Let influencers do their magic. Once you are done creating an impact on the whole of social media, monitor all your accounts on the social platform. Keep tracking your brand mentions. Use a dashboard that accommodates all of your trackings and gives you faster reports. If you are using the same content or want to reiterate a fact about your brans, then do it in a different way. Keep your content fresh. If you had posted a text content earlier, turn it into video content and re-post it. Keep it interesting.

Keeping the interest alive – In the first place it is difficult to find customers. but what is more difficult is keeping them interested in your brand for the scope of future sales. To avoid being a one-time vendor, keep your customers engaged. Social media is extremely helpful in keeping this connection alive. Regularly interact with your customers through channels such as Twitter, Facebook. Holding live Facebook Q&A sessions about products is an awesome idea. Customize your audience.

Take the time out to find out what is interesting to them, market your products according to their needs and desires. Employ as many of your people and engage with all your customers. Encourage your followers on social media to garner community feeling that revolves around your brand.Be regular with your email alerts on promotions, new arrivals. Carry out conversation with your customers and encourage them to take part in your events related to your brand. Participate in events related to your brand.

How to perform relatively better – In order to fare better than your competitors, make the most of social media. Assess how your product is doing against your competitors. Plan your social media presence keeping your strength and weakness in mind. While posting, share 20% promotional of your brand products and 80% content should be indirectly related to your product. Make it a point to include content that highlights your strength as a product and weaknesses of others in the field. Listicles and reviews always catch interest, use them wisely.

The art of persuasion – Any marketer knows how important it is to be persuasive. You not only need to generate enough attention for your brand, but you also have to maintain it. After a steady attention flow, you have the task of getting your followers who are your customers or your potential customers to sign up for emails. That way you can maintain communication with them. Contests on social media create amazing buzz and is a good way to get some attention.

Brand advocate – It is not just a matter of getting noticed by a handful of customers. You need your customers who are already engaged in your content and product to rope in their friends and family. In order to achieve this you can try to build sub-products or even let other aspects of your main product get the highlight. For instance, though Apple sells a phone, their hashtag movement of shot on an iPhone, which highlights the camera resolution actually gets business o the phone.

Always remember to make a plan before you dive into the world of social media. The power of social media is much pervasive and surpasses all another traditional medium for promotion. Use social media with caution. Remember customers are more likely to talk about a bad experience than good ones, especially on social media. Once your campaign on social media takes off, maintain the pace. Stay true and genuine with your content. Customers are no fools and have much penetrative reach. Don’t stay rigid in your approach with the social media. Stay alert and agile.

Use the trends to the fullest. While using social media as a marketing funnel, be sure to do your research well. The sales process is not a simple one. It incorporates various stages and every stage suffers from fear of conversion failure. Address your pain-points as much as possible. When using social media for sales funnel be ready to stay on your toes at all times. Be as active as possible and keep things simple yet engaging.

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