Guide to Build your First App with Flutter

First Flutter App
It is not exaggerating to say that each and everything goes on apps today. The usage of various apps is becoming more popular and in such a scenario, the onset of lot many applications is obvious. The various app developers are working on creating new and trending apps in order to meet this high demand for apps. In order to see the onset of the latest apps, it is also necessary to use the latest technology. As the needs of the users are changing, the technology also advances. Among such latest advancements, Flutter is one.

Flutter- the Google’s Latest Mobile UL Framework

Flutter- the perfect SDK for the developing cross-platform native apps, launched by Google. With best UX and other features. Flutter is the latest and trendy SDK, which is made available in beta version. Also, this SDK uses the most popular Google’s own Dart programming language, for developing high quality apps on android and iOS operating systems. Let’s know deeper about this most interesting launch of Google

Features of Flutter

It is obvious that any new release is intended to include new features, same with the flutter SDK. The various features of Flutter which make it unique and advanced are:

  • Amazingly UI design

The various apps developed using flutter are characterized by smooth natural scrolling, set of native widgets for android called Material and for iOS, Cupertino, its platform awareness and rich motion API’s.

  • Fast and Easy development process

One of the best thing about Flutter is its easy and fastness. With the help of flutter, an app developer can easily and quickly build the UI’s and include various additional features as per the requirement and fix bugs. Also, loading the application can be done in sub-seconds in emulators and also in mobile hardware.

  • Reactive Framework

Composing UI is made so easy with Flutter’s latest reactive framework. It comprises of rich layout, platform and foundation widgets. Flutter is also known for solving various tough challenges of UI with its API’s for various 2D animations, gesture, effects and many more.

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Building App using Flutter

The installation of Flutter needs certain prerequisites and needs the following steps

  • First of all, Git, Xcode and Android Studio need to be installed. To build android applications, Android SDK and for iOS apps, XCode are needed.
  • Nextly, IntelliJ Idea need to be installed. This installation is not compulsory, but it serves useful for app building. After the installation of IntelliJ Idea, Flutter and Dart plugins need to be included.
  • Finally, include Flutter, after that the Git repository is retrieved. Then, a path leading to bin folder of the repository need to be added in the environment variables.

This completes the process of flutter installation, yet it is recommended to recheck the entire process using official documentation.

Create the First Project 

Open IntelliJ IDEA, and you can start creating the first project. You need to choose flutter, which could be on the left sidebar, then the following data need to be filled

  • Project Name
  • Description
  • Organization
  • Android Language
  • iOS language

Run the App and Discover Flutter

Main.dart, the main fie in the application is created by IntelliJ IDEA. Yet, it is not compulsory. Later on, an iOS or an android emulator need to be added to the app and then by making a click on the run button, the app will run in the emulator. This emulator can be substituted even by a mobile.

Hot Reloads of Flutter

By default, the primary color of the app in the main.dart file is blue. The application of hot reloads is indicated by the change of color to red, which would be displayed on the emulator.

Final App Development

Running the minimum code, i.e., minimal mobile app development is the first thing to be done. The UI design includes basic functionality and run the app keeping the device on flight mode.

As a final word, Flutter is easy in both learning and using it. There is no doubt that the developer will experience good in building the apps for iOS and android OS.

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