How do Free Apps Make Money?

free apps make money

How Free apps makes Money on Android and iPhone?

With changing times, necessities and requirements of everyone is increasing day by day. To fulfil all those requirements and necessities we all are running after money. We are even ready to work for 24 hours just to make more and more money. We our regular jobs, we try to opt for some part time jobs as well just to make money and to make our life easy.

As the new technology over take the old working scenario, same are with the APPS. Different apps are available which has made our life comparatively much easier. These apps are not only time saving but also give us options to earn as well. Most of these apps are free. If you are wandering how do free apps makes money? In this blog we will help you to understand how do free apps make money?

Apps and Platform to download apps

With times, app economy has been growing and usage of tablets and mobile devices has reached unmatched records. These apps are easy to develop use. Normally one first visits of the app one need to fill their personal details and can easily login thereafter.These apps are safe and assure you to keep security of your personal information. Also these apps are very easy to download. There are two very popular platforms to download apps

  • Apple store.
  • Play store.

These two platforms are crowded with number of useful apps. One can easily visit these platforms and can download apps as per requirement and choice. These apps are of two types

  • Paid Apps: To download these apps you need to pay specific amount.
  • Free Apps: These apps are available free of cost and one can download easily from specific store.

These apps are very useful for everyone of use as it saves our time and money as well. Apps keep us updated in our day to day life. Be it need of taxi or pizza or clothes or shoes or buying medicines or a couch these apps helps us to get each and every at our doorsteps.These apps have made our life easy and comfortable even elders at home can buy necessary items for home or for their own by just clicking an app. Both types of apps (paid and free) are user friendly and easy to use.

Free apps and Monetization

We all have number of apps on our mobile desktop and almost all of us are not aware that these free apps can also help us to earn money. We can make good amount of earning by using different methods on apps. Here we are listing below few of the methods by which we can earn money.

  1. Advertising:Advertising is one of the best options to earn money by using free apps. In this third party runs their advertisement in owners app and on viewing advertisement by different users you will get commission out of that. Advertising on app is one of the simple and easiest methods to earn money. So what you are waiting for. Just develop an app, and start earning.
  2. Collecting and selling data:Another method by which you can generate income is selling data, collected on your app while registering. Usually traffic visited your app for first time is asked to fill some of the personal information like Name, Email Id, Personal choices etc. to get them register with your app and this kind of information or data is required by many of the research companies to make different marketing survey. You can collect data from your app and sell it to other research companies. By selling this kind of data you can generate income.
  3. Affiliate income:This is again an effective method of earning through app. This earning method again involves third party service or product. Third party will run advertisement of their product or service on owner’s app. You just need to add push button on your app, which will redirect customer directly to website for service or product. You can run pop-up-ad on your app. You will get income either on clicking or installation of app on mobile devices of user.
  4. Physical Purchase:Mostly E commerce website uses these kinds of free apps to promote and increase revenue through their different products or brands. As soon as customer clicks on push button of brand or product installed on your app and make a purchase app owner will get commission for that. This method is one of the popular methods to generate handsome amount of earing.
  5. Sponsorship: This one is a bit difficult method to generate income as you need to source Sponsors for your app. In this method you have to show sponsors that you have your own app and have large number of traffic & good amount of downloads and ask them to put prestigious brand on you app and this way you can get sponsorship fees from them.
  6. Freemium upsell: Freemium apps are the apps with free downloading and include some paid features in it. This kind of features is mostly popular with health, sports and education related apps. User download the app for free and it feels interested with the content will purchase few of the required features which are optional and this will in return generate income for app owner.


We all have number of apps downloaded on desktop of our mobile devices. Features of some of the apps are even unknown to us. These apps not only, free, easy to download but also  help us to make our life easy and comfortable rather there are few apps which helps us to earn money as well. If you are also one of them who are not known with features and uses of apps, this blog will surely help you to understand the concept of apps, its uses and how you can make money by just free downloading from app store, clicking and using these apps.

So, just have an app and generate handsome revenue!!


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