How To Generate More Conversion Rate Through Social Media?

Conversion Rate

Different social platforms are constantly evolving as a large number of people use them on frequently and many more join them on a daily basis. So, there is an abundance of potential customers and possible business opportunities on almost all leading social media websites.

All online business owners tend to generate more leads and sales using social media channels. Most of them fail to achieve their targets because of the lack of the knowledge as how to optimize website content for social media audience encourages them to make transactions. Therefore, we have listed a few effective tips to increase the conversion rate using social media channels:

  1. Presence of Your Brand On All Leading Social Websites

This is the first thing you need to do. There are lots of social media channels with a large user base. See some leading social media platforms:

Social Media Channels Active Users Per Month
Facebook 2.23 billion
WhatsApp 1 billion
WeChat 697 million
 Instagram 400 million
Twitter 320 million
Google+ 300 million
Skype 300 million
Pinterest 100 million
 LinkedIn 100 million

As shown in the chart, the presence of a large number of audience offers great business opportunities to business organizations as people look for products and services on social websites. So, at first, create the official pages of your website on all leading social media sites. Fill all the necessary info, contact details, Email Id, main business message, etc, to your pages to make them professional and look authentic. Take all possible steps to increase the fan following of your social pages.

  1. Add Social Sharing Buttons To Your Website

Gone are the days when visitors used to perform the copy paste job to share the live content with their acquaintances. Now, they look for social sharing buttons to spread your content easily and effortlessly to other people. Be smart and add social sharing buttons to your website either editing the code or using plugins/extensions. This will make the content sharing work a hassle-free affair

  1. Frequently Share Useful Content On Social Websites

As an SMO, always keep in mind that people are hungry to consume informative and easy-to-understand content to make informed decisions while looking for products and services on the World Wide Web. Sharing website content on different social media websites brings several benefits in a quick succession. First, it gives more exposure to the shared content, helping it to perform well in the SERPs of all leading search engines. The more your content is shared, the more business opportunities, traffic, and potential customers come to you. Maintain frequency in social sharing of useful posts and encourage visitors to share the content maximum.

  1. Create & Shared Social Media Specific Content Regularly

 When your plan is to create more leads through social websites, sharing just website content with the targeted audience doesn’t help you fully. These days, social media fans will not bother to go through the text content if they have to find the desired products and services hurriedly and complete transactions as soon as possible. Active social media users love to view useful infographics and videos to make instant purchasing decisions.

 So, ask your web design to create attractive image content and videos for social media fans. It will make it easier for them to grab the main business message you want to convey them & buy more from you.

  1. Take Customers Orders Directly From Social Networks

In today’s fast and busy life, there are many social media users who don’t bother to visit your website, complete the registration process, and make payments to buy products and services. To save their valuable time, they place orders on your social media pages, most often in the comment section. Don’t ignore them as they give your more chances for the lead generation.

Just note down the customer’s conder, confirm it, take its payment from him/her using different payment gateways and APIs, and sell your products and services as fast as you can. Always keep in mind that the customer’s convenience and 100% satisfaction is paramount when you tend to generate more leads. Give your customers what they want from you.

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  1. Take Suggestions and Sort Out Genuine Issues

Successful social media campaigns create a flood of customer orders, service requests, complaints, and suggestions. All these are of great value for your business brand. If there is an abundance of the social media request, employ a team of SMO experts to address the genuine concerns of customers and ensure their 100% satisfaction with your products, services, customer service, monetary transactions, etc.

  1. Conduct Live Streaming

As a business organization, you must always keep in mind that people love to listen to the famous people behind popular brands. So, nothing is wrong if you take some time out from your busy business life and conduct live streaming on your favorite social media channel. This will facilitate face-to-face communication between you and interested social media fans.

Take questions from them and give the answer on the spot. You can also introduce new products and services to customers in live streaming and take instant orders for sale from interested customers. Live interaction with the company owner makes customers happy. They love to buy useful products from you & advertise your brand to new customers totally free of cost.

  1. Join Social Media Groups

Social media groups are the meeting point of a large number of people. Individuals share useful content in groups, make comments, and find the desired info as soon as possible. Join social media groups under your niche and start sharing your content for the acquisition of new business opportunities.

Final Words

The continuous generation of leads and sales is important if you want to survive in the web-based business and earn sufficient revenues every day. Adopt these recommendations carefully to run successful social media campaigns and boost the overall conversion rate of your brand using different social media websites. Good Luck for your ultimate success.

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