The Hidden iOS 12 Features You’ll Love to Know About

Awesome Hidden iOS 12 Features

Hidden iOS 12 Features

The all-new iOS 12 has released with great excitement among the fanatics. After dealing with the bug-filled nature of the iOS 11, fans are ready to enjoy the latest installment of the iOS. To add even more to iOS 12, we are about to reveal the hidden iOS 12 features that you will love to discover.

Since, the frequent bugs in the iOS 11 has put many fans into mere distress, making them switch to Android, the iOS 12 offers all that fanatics had wished for. Interestingly, Apple has announced to focus on stability and performance enhancements in the latest iOS12. Fans have reported to experience noticeable improvement even in the older versions of iPhones including the iPhone 5s.

Considering all the efforts to make iOS thrive again, Apple has focused on specific features such as the Battery section, Screen Time, Animojis, and a lot more. Also, you can discover about how to get the most out of subscription based iOS 12 apps. In this article, we are going to reveal the hidden iOS 12 features that can serve useful purposes. Read along to discover everything:

Scan Documents with 3D Touch

If you happen to keep digital copies of different documents, purchase records/receipts, and more things, then the iOS12 can come into handy for you. The ‘Note App’ in iOS 12 offers an option for “Scan Documents”. The features works when you apply the 3D-touch on Notes app icon present on the home screen of your device. Through using this feature, you can take a scan of document that will be then added to a fresh note. It is easy to assess a document and categorize it afterwards.

Scan QR Code Using Control Center

Have you ever opened iPhone camera app and focused on a QR code? If yes, then you can scan it and reveal the concealed text or link behind it. Interesting, isn’t it? Having said, scanning QR code has become easier than ever, as now you do not need to access the camera? You can come across the Control Center and click on the QR code. It will immediately launch camera and scan QR code you focus. The features comes into handy as you can access Control Center from almost anywhere on an iPhone, riding you from the hectic to go to home screen, launch a camera, and scan code eventually.

Keyboard Trackpad in iPhone does not Require 3D Touch Anymore

Among the favorite hidden features in iOS 12 is the keyboard trackpad that does not need 3D now. This feature was previously available in iPhone with 3D touch option. Interestingly, now a user can long press on spacebar in an iPhone without any need of 3D touch for converting keyboard in a big trackpad, and controlling cursor just as you do in laptop.

Though it might not appear to be a big deal, however, it serves as a change that serves as a hassle-free way to make edits in text on an iPhone. In addition, the designers can get the best of this feature through utilizing it in logo design activities. However, this feature was much needed, as the iPhone XR does not offers 3D touch. This use case has proven to the one of the best use case for 3D touch.

Inquire Siri about Revealing Passwords

The Apple Assistant Siri is becoming smarter with the passing days. Although it may not be as good as the Google’s AI or Alexa, however, Siri has leveraged the benefit of being tied deeply in the iOS 12. Having said, the iOS 12 allows AI to get the most out of integration. You can inquire Siri anytime to show passwords. You can enquire Siri to reveal stored passwords for a particular service. For instance, you can tell Siri to “Hi Siri, show my Instagram password”, and it will do so.

Adding a Face in Face ID

The iOS Face ID has recently showed not to be fast and responsive. However, the facial recognition is still the safe and secure way to access an iPhone. Among the disadvantages of Face ID in the iOS version 11 was that a user could only include a single face in Face ID. It means that if you want anyone to access your phones including your family member or friend, then FaceID would not be a perfect choice.

But the case is different in the iOS 12. The new iOS 12 allows you to include an alternative face among the list of authentic users. Having said, the iOS 12 enables more than a single user to open the locked phone. It is relatively a fresh feature allowing people to authenticate more than one face for an iPhone.

AirDrop Passwords

The iOS 12 has made password sharing easier than ever. Having said, you can share password between iOS and Mac OS X systems. A user can simply AirDrop passwords between different iOS 12 devices, where a receiver can receive them hassle freely. The process is easy.

Accessing Color Palette from Screenshot Editor

The “Immediate Markup” feature was initially seen in the iOS 11. Thisfeature has now become even better in the iOS 12. Fans can find a beautiful color palette that enables you to make comments in a broad range of colors that were previously unavailable. The color palette does not offer color-wheel, but offers watches of different colors that a person can choose from. The feature might not be as useful as the color wheel; however, it can do the job through using a color wheel only.

Final Words

iOS 12 has brought various secretive features that you can know about. Not only this, the Siri has also developed. The pocket assistant Siri could not have been much better. This time the Siri helps you in the busy day to reach back to people from who you receive missed calls.

Moreover, Siri observes your learning habits over the time and suggests you people who you may wish to call depending on any specific time in a day. If you find this article informative, then feel free to share and spread the word.

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