How Much Does it Cost to Make an App in 2019?

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From booking a cab to ordering food, buying movie tickets, and communicating with team and clients from the warmth of our houses, we rely upon mobile apps. We, in fact, consider these applications as the core element of our existence – the perfect assistant.

And this can be proved with the fact that more than 4 million apps reside in the market, while many more are predicted to enter the ever-flourishing mobile market. This implies many more business owners and developers are expected to invest in mobile app development to reach a wider audience, generate better sales processes, and enjoy other such perks.

If you count yourself among those business owners, it is quite possible that you are worried about the cost required for this whole process. It is obvious that are looking forward to some resource that helps you to understand how much does it cost to make an app. If so, become happy as this is the blog you need to read to determine the app cost and proceed further.

Disclaimer: There is not fixed value to how much does it cost to develop a mobile app.

As you might have noticed, every mobile app is different from another in one way or the other – may be its due to their features, technologies involved, platform chosen, or anything. This variation brings a major impact on the costing factor, an outcome of which is that the app cost is not a fixed amount.

The cost to make an application differs as per the time and efforts required for developing one, which implies it varies with the factors, such as:-

  1. Pre-Development Process

Before developing an application, you need to invest your time into market research and competitive analysis so as to ensure that your app idea is not existing earlier and has a profitable market. Or, to put in simpler words, a pre-development process is considered to validate your app idea and prevent your funds getting wasted.

Now while this approach helps to utilize money effectively, it also demands some amount of money be invested. It also required some funds to dig deeper into the market, gather a heap of data and analyze it to determine if making an app is the right act.

  1. Platform

The decision of whether you want to build an application for Android, iOS, or both also affect the cost. It is because the cost for Android app development is higher to that for iOS app development. Likewise, the cost to develop a mobile app for multiple platforms via native technology is higher than that involved with Cross-platform technologies like React Native.

  1. App Design

If you want a standard mobile app design or customize it according to your app project also influence the app price, since the customized design elements demand higher time and tools investment.

  1. App Complexity

The number of screens, the type of hardware components and technologies used, and the challenges associated with the development process also affect the overall cost. For example, cost of Instagram like app development is different from the cost to build an Enterprise app.

  1. Development Team

The cost also differs according to the app partner you have. If you hire a freelancer or some small agency, they will demand a lesser amount to make a portfolio. Whereas, a fully-established development team will dedicate a specific team to you, offer the best consultancy services, and demand a higher amount to pay its infrastructure and other bills.

So, the type of developers you pick will influence your app services and cost.

  1. Location

As per the market analysis, the cost to develop an application from some agency in developed nations is higher than that in the case of developing nations. This is the reason why people look forward to outsourcing their app needs to mobile app development companies in India and other such developing nations.

  1. App Testing

Considering the growing demand for bug-free and secure platforms after the Uber Data Breach and Facebook Cambridge Scandal came into the limelight, it is imperative that you test each and every element of your mobile application.

Now, the number of testing tools you consider, their price as well as the amount of time they demand app testing also affect the app cost.

  1. App Launch

To submit your application on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, you need to provide them with a developer account fee, which also adds to the total app cost.

  1. App Maintenance

The costing does not end at launching process. Every time, user find some issue with properly using your platform or you come across some new feature or technology to add to your application, the app maintenance and update process are executed. This process too consumes some fraction of mobile app development cost depending on what extent you are changing the app.

As per the experts, the app maintenance and update cost for nearly 20-30% of the overall app development cost.

So, here were the factors that influence the mobile application development cost. To get an exact value for your app idea, contact our experts today! They will not only offer you the best, customized app development services, but also help you with the research part and guide in developing an application that user needs with all their experience of building 700+ apps.

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