10 Simple Ways to Increase Mobile App Ranking

Mobile App Ranking

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The ongoing mobile revolution has kept developers of mobile apps and websites busy. Amid the onslaught of apps that are strategically built to outshine one another, poor user base and customer loyalty are the ugly truths which most businesses are confronted with.

Today’s boost in smartphone app development has made users choosy and much sophisticated with limited patience and device memory. Apps get installed and uninstalled in a lickety-split making it difficult for businesses to take a break from unabating updates and iteration processes to make their apps better.

Sometimes, functionality alone is not the key motivator to influence customers into downloading and using apps on a constant basis. It is now an opinion-driven era where reviews and ratings matter. Apps need great rankings on the Google Play Store and Apple Store to push potential customers to download the apps and engage in activities that help businesses monetize their digital presence.

The reasons for poor ranking are plenty and irrelevant to how niche the business is or uniqueness of the apps.  It requires a thorough chalk-talk on leveraging the app’s presence on a smartphone’s app store to make the right moves to grab the attention of its audience.

Below are some of the relevant points that every business should keep in mind to boost their mobile app ranking

  • More Number of Users Help Increase Ranking:

Rankings of an app generally increases with more downloads and users. Typically, an app requires at least over 5,000 downloads to make into the list of apps that have been ranked. If your app is newly launched or represents your brand-new business, it is often advised to vest attention on key elements like search engine optimization or SEO, pay per clicks, email marketing and other digital marketing activities to increase awareness of the business and apps.

  • Create Lighter Versions of the Apps:

Less storage space is cited as one of the common reasons for uninstalling apps. It is always wise to crunch the size to 5MB or lesser to encourage more users into downloading the app. Another benefit of the light versions of apps is that it helps automatically get listed at the top because of Google’s algorithms.

  • Set Long-term Goals on Achieving Consistency in User-base:

Mobile app companies need to assess the size of the audience for their apps and accordingly set goals to amass a decent number of active users. It requires consistent efforts to ensure the userbase and downloads on monthly basis meet their targets. Additionally, mobile apps store optimization and implementing best practices for superior user engagement, experience, etc helps the users stay hooked to the apps.

  • Social Media Integration:

Apart from engaging users on the apps, businesses need to optimize on their social media presence to garner attention from potential customers and keep them engaged with timely and relevant content about their brand, products and services. For this, businesses should invest some focus towards social media marketing and work towards building high quality content to add on forums like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other platforms. Once the social media marketing efforts translate in creating brand awareness and gaining customer’s trust it becomes a lot easier to convert them into app users and boost the mobile app ranking.

  • Improve Apps’ Key Design Elements:

Icon, layout, theme, color combination, images and designs have a visual impact that influence users to either download or engage on app or ignore it. Mobile apps therefore need to be designed strategically to positively impact app users and ensure that the aesthetics resonate well with the brand, its products or services. It is better to avoid too complex icon designs, fonts and patterns in the apps as well as unattractive and gawdy colors that strain the eyes. After all, first impression may be the last impression for most mobile app users.

  • Encourage User Ratings and Reviews:

Customer’s rating and review section on the app store help new users in deciding whether to download the apps and know more about its uses and functionality. Positive reviews and experience given by real and genuine users organically increase the mobile app ranking. Google Play Store ban apps with fake reviews.

  • Key Words and Descriptions Increase Downloads:

Successful mobile apps do their homework by identifying the right key words and use them in the apps content, taglines, titles and description to make sure the apps show up as search results. Eventually, the key words help in getting more users and traffic to the apps.

  • Backlinking Apps:

Backlinking is another effective strategy to increase mobile app ranking. Most successful mobile apps make sure they are linked to the appropriate pages and social media platforms to drive traffic to apps for better conversion and to increase number of users.

  • Frequent Updates:

When it comes to keeping a user engaged to the app for longer duration, businesses struggle to make sure their app contain the most advanced features and perform unique actions. Apps need consistent upgrades and updates to boost user experience and engagement as well as include cutting-edge features that simplify users’ journey on the app. Besides, updates help brands project to their users or customers that they are always on to the go better their services, offerings and products to facilitate their needs.

  • Monitor Ranking Indicators that are Unique to App Stores:

Some apps with better description and content rank high in Google Stores whereas, apps that have used a smart mix of keywords are listed as a top-ranking app on iTunes. Every mobile app business should first understand their audience, the industry and requirements that govern the ranking of an app on different app stores.

Once the app developers have on board all the above elements and efforts, mobile app ranking increases benefiting the brand and business in the long run.


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