Top 7 Best Internet of Things Devices

IoT devices
Internet of Things or IoT as it is popularly known as is simply a network of devices that are embedded with sensors or actuators, allowing the devices and objects to connect and share data. IoT is simplifying lives by infusing the internet and connectivity into everyday products and objects.

Internet and connectivity are not limited to mobiles, tablets, and computers anymore. Rather it has been extended to household products and daily use objects like doors, roofs, refrigerators, thermostats, etc., making lives easier and productive. Bringing the control of daily life objects and operations right into the palm of your hands, the IoT has digitized most manual functions. Let’s look at some of the best IoT devices that are simplifying daily life.

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Top 7 IoT Devices

Amazon Echo Plus

Amazon has been currently leading the Internet of Things devices industry with its Amazon Echo range – Amazon Echo plus being the latest. It is a handsfree speaker that works with Amazon’s personal assistant software service called Alexa. The voice-controlled speaker allows you to delegate tasks like controlling room temperature, reading the news, changing the music, etc.

You can ask any question to Alexa and the assistant will provide you information and answers to it. You can connect it to the Amazon apps on your mobile device for enhanced performance and accessibility.

Google Home Voice Controller

The Google Home Voice Controller is another voice controlled smart home device that offers you the advantages of Google’s voice search technology. Similar to Amazon Echo, Google Home’s powerful speakers allow you to delegate tasks and ask for any piece of information.

It offers great features that help you control other smart devices as well using voice command and also allows identification of the person based on the voice.

Amazon Dash Wand

The Amazon Dash Wand is no less than a magic wand, especially for people who love Amazon Prime Service. Operating using two simple batteries, the wand is magnetic and resistant to water. When you run out of any household item, you can simply ask Alexa to add it to the list or scan its barcode. The button on the wand gives you easy access to Alexa and all her abilities.

August Smart Lock

August Smart Lock is another great IoT device that ensures that you are never going to need your keys again. Operated using your phone, the digital key automatically locks when you shut the door and leave, and similarly unlocks when you reach home.

You can also share guest keys with friends, baby sitters, etc. For the event that you forget your phone, or it runs out of power, the August smart lock features an optional keypad which you can use to set a password. The August smart lock is a great achievement in the smart security system arena.

Philips Hue Smart Bulb

The Philip Hue lighting system is guaranteed to change the way you8 light your home. One of the best and the most popular smart lighting systems available in the market, it can be instructed to change the lighting to any color by uploading a photo of the same.

The mobile phone application allows you to switch on or switch off the lights and synchronize the lighting with the music you are playing. Thus, it allows you to create the perfect ambiance no matter what the mood is.

Health Patch Health Monitor

The health sector is lined with smart Internet of Things devices that aim to make a healthy life easily achievable amidst the busy life schedules. The HealthPatch Health Monitor is a wearable biosensor that continuously monitors eight vital health signs on a continuous basis.

This includes the heart rate, skin temperature, activity, body posture, fall detection, etc., This provides valuable information for healthcare professionals. Comfortable and light in weight, the device cane b easily worn to assure round the clock monitoring. The data recorded can be conveniently accessed through the mobile application. The smart health monitor can effectively alert doctors and patients about potential health problems and save your life.

WeMo Switch Smart Plug

The Switch Smart Plug is definitely one of the most useful devices of the WeMo range. The basic function of the smart switch remains similar to a normal one, with the added advantage of being able to turn it on or off using your smartphone application. You can also set a schedule for various operations and appliances. The smart switch also measures the amount of energy your device is consuming so that the power bill remains in check.

These are the 7 most popular IoT devices in the market right now. IoT devices have transformed homes and lives digitally, ensuring convenience, easy operation and time savings.

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