Laravel 6 Features – Grab the latest new features to ease your Web Projects.

Laravel 6 Features

Developing a web application and looking for a few features that can help you to ease your project.  This blog will surely helpful for you as here we are describing LARAVEL-6. This is a new version of Laravel, one of the most popular Platforms for Web development. We will be listing the latest new features. So, grab the latest new features to ease your web projects

How Laravel Works?

Laravel is a most famous free framework, used by most of web developer to complete their web projects with simple and clean codes. This web application is loaded with numbers of features that will help you to complete your development with specified time frame.

The entire web projects tasks such as routing, queuing, sessions, authentication etc. can be done quickly and in a simple and easier manner. As it is based on MCV architecture so, Laravel makes the website more elegant and expressive.

Benefits of Laravel.

Few of the Advantages of using Laravel are:

  • Laravel includes inbuilt light-weighted templates, which help to create easy to use and impressive layouts.
  • This web application is loaded with a number of pre-installed Libraries which are easy to implement.
  • Laravel is based on MVC pattern which makes it presentation more clear and logical.
  • The most Loveable feature of Laravel is its Unit testing. To ensure any unexpected breakdown in a web application, it runs hundreds of tests.
  • Last and the most important feature it holds is for Security. Laravel holds inbuilt security feature so the developer does not need to use some other ways to make application secure and safe.

Recently Laravel Upgraded its Latest Version as LARAVEL 6. Here we will be describing few of the latest LARAVEL 6 New Features this new version includes. Have a look and try upgraded new features for your web projects.

  • LANGUAGE LOCALISATION: One of the best and foremost features that included in LARAVEL 6 is language localization. With Help of this feature user can now translate any Laravel spark based web application into their local or preferred language. This feature is not available in any other version of Laravel and will surely help user.
  • BASED ON SEMANTIC VERSIONING: This upgraded Laravel 6 is based on Semantic Versioning, with this feature you need not to rewrite all new major changes. So, You won’t need to think about new breaking changes
  • LAZY COLLECTION:  This Feature which help you to keep your memory usage low.  With this new and upgraded feature you can load one model into memory section instead of multiple models in one go
  • IMPROVED SUBQUERY ENHANCEMENT: In upgraded Laravel 6 version this new feature will be useful for user handling one or more queries in a single call. Or will be helpful in handling sub queries. So with this latest feature one can answer to multiple queries of clients easily and can have more happy customers
  • LARAVEL 6 LOADED WITH BOOTSTRAP 4 RELEASE: New upgraded LARAVEL 6 is based on bootstrap 4 which make it more lightweight, more customizable, more responsive, mobile friendly, prevailing.
  • IMPROVED BRANDING AND UI: With Launch of this updated and upgraded version of LARAVEL 6, Branding Logo of Laravel has also got a new and improved look. This new feature gives a better user interface to application. So, with better UI chances of traffic load will be increased
  • ADMIN PANEL: In upgraded LARAVEL 6 this new feature will help web developers to control data and permission with no or less coding. Also, more customized option are available so application can be developed as per clients liking

So, this is a list of few of the latest features, included in LARAVEL 6.


For completing your web projects; if you are looking for some excited features which help to make handy and friendly web applications, Hope this blog will help you and provide you with ample knowledge regarding how you can improve and complete you projects by using latest and upgraded features of LARAVEL 6, a  most popular platform for web application.

So, Web developers what you are waiting for? Grab all these Latest LARAVEL 6 features and complete your all web project in easier, simple, and impressive way.


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