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Top 8 Mobile App Design trends for 2019

Life is moving fast!! Everyone is busy in making money. In such a fast and busy life, Internet has become vital part of each and every one. With time, desktop has been replaced with laptops and now laptops have been replaced by Smartphones.

Smartphones has most of the similar features as of Laptops. As far as Smartphones are concerned app are the main features attracting most of the youngster.

But at some point or other we think if apps are really important for our everyday life. YES!! It’s important as it will help you in one or the other way. So, if you are also planning to develop app for your business.

Seeking for some attractive and new app designs, in this blog we will share few latest mobile app design trends.

Why Mobile Apps are Important?

It would not be wrong if we say, today’s scenario is MOBILE WORLD. Life is totally dependent on Mobile and apps where every necessity and information is available on your fingers.Be it Grocery, necessity items, shopping, information on travel, mobiles, technology etc.

Everything is available on apps Few of the importance of mobile apps are as below.

  1. You can save your time as you can shop and order for different products online on apps.
  2. Apps are informative. Every information, be it on latest news or technology or trends or fashion. All are available on your fingers.
  3. Even while travelling you can get your locations easily assessable.
  4. As more than 90% people are engaged with internet, we can also promote our brand or products on mobile apps. This will also help us to increase our customer approachability.
  5. You will get potential customer for your brand or products. As customer related to your business will reach you easily.
  6. Apps will keep you updated and connected with new updates of society and world.

As there are few apps where people can share there reviews about a particular service or product. So, apps will also help to choose best for us

Here is Latest Mobile App Design Trends 2019

As we all know, apps has now became a vital part of our life. Also has discussed about importance of mobile app.

Now, if you are into business and want to increase reach of your brand and planning to develop app, below listed are few of the mobile app design trends which should be included in app to make it popular with people and generate more traffic.

  1. Simple Interface:

    First and important feature of any app is it should be simply designed. Color schemes, font, Contrast all should be designed while keeping user in mind. What s our product? Who will reach our app? Depending on product age group who is going to visit app, keeping entire points in mind app should be sober and simple. Simple and sober interface will attract more traffic and will help people to spend time on app.

  2. User Friendly:

    App should be easy to use and friendly so customer can spend quality time with your app. All navigation used should be simply designated so customer can reach the desired point easily. If it will be complicated, person will get irritated and leave the app. So, with motive of more traffic, app should be user friendly and easy to use.

  3. Design for Wide Screen:

    As technology changes, look and shape of mobile handsets also change. As far as latest mobiles are concerned screen of all mobiles are wider and long. So, keeping interface of mobiles in view, apps should be designed for wide screen for better user experiences and better traffic. Words and contents should be appropriate i.e not too small and not to large.

  4. Responsive:

    As most of the traffic available on mobiles only, so app designed should be responsive for good viewing experience. As different mobile brands have different sized screen. App should be designed in such a way that it should be responsive to all mobile brands and appeal user to spend time. Contents and articles written should be clearly visible for better user experience.

  5. Quality Content:

    Content written on app should be relevant to your product or service and of good quality. Content written for app should be such that it will manage to engage user to read it thoroughly. Language should be simple to understand and it should have logic to make the concept clear.

  6. Typographic app:

    As we discussed about content relevancy and quality. App also should be typographic i.e art and technique should be used to arrange content in such a way that it should have proper hierarchy and points should have proper harmony. This kind of app will help user to understand the concept easily and clearly.

  7. Easy and Clear Navigation:

    Navigations and breadcrumbs used to design app should be clear and easy to use. Actually navigation show path to user to reach the desired page or content. If these navigations are designed complicated it will difficult for user to understand and will leave the site without reading and understanding. Because of this complication you might lose one of your potential customers.

  8. Big Tap Target:

    Tap Keys, are the keys which allow user to enter into a specific area within the app like submit, book now, learn more, call etc. These entire tap keys should be designed quite big in size so user can easily target these keys and enter into the app easily.

Main motive to Mobile App design is to make our services and product reach more and more people to increase our business profit. So, App for business be it service based or product based should be designed by keep all these points in mind to increase potential customers.


If you are into a business or looking for a app to develop and wandering why apps are important and how it should look like, what should be its features to attract more traffic. This blog will help you to clear your queries and will give you brief idea regarding Mobile App design and features of app to attract traffic.

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