How Modern Technologies Influence The Students For Their Better Education?

Modern Technologies Influence Education
We have witnessed that technology has affected all over the field. Its influence can be seen in every aspect of life. We are somewhat addicted to technological devices. We can see that more than 80% of people use technological devices and it really have the positive impact on their life. Technology has influenced every field. In the business field, in the economic field, in the financial field, in social and in the educational field. We can see the glimpse of technology. We are living in a technological era everyone needs the best in their life. A parent especially tries to give them the best education and best lifestyle for their children. They are the persons who know the importance of education in life. To lead a successful life and to be successful in professional life they must have the knowledge related to technological skills. Educational field gives the best platform for the students to get basic education related to technology. We have to go hand in hand with the modern thoughts and techniques. Parents mainly look for the best education for their child and they confirm it while selecting the schools or colleges for their child. Parents will check whether the school they are selecting for their child is sophisticated and all facilities are available or not. Mainly they focus on the technological facilities whether the schools and classrooms are well organized with new modern technology. Because they know that without technological skills their child will not able to survive in the competitive world and will not able face all the challenges so they must be thorough in their technological skills for that they must get all the facilities at their beginning itself.

Get Information’s Related to Educational Institutions

A parent always wants to give them the best education for their child because they want to see their child succeed in their professional as well as personal life. So when they select schools or colleges for their child they want to confirm that their child gets the best education school surroundings’ good campus good library facility good lab facilities and good faculty members. So in the olden day’s such search for information was not possible but in this new modern technological era, one can get very detailed information about the schools and colleges. Because every schools and college are developing their own blog and website in which they will get all necessary information’s related to the school after reading that parents can decide where to admit their child t get a good education. It’s really made their selection easy and cost-free.

Distance Education Learning

The most important thing that technology has done is the encouragement of distance education learning. It really boosted every individual’s confidence and helped them to learn more and attain the high position in life. Distance learning has been providing a number of courses now a day. In the olden days, people didn’t have money to handle the cost of learning. In the past education was limited to boundaries & gender. But in this modern era, the number of doors are opened for people who want to learn and educate them self. They can learn while earning we know that learning is a lifelong process and by using online learning and distance education we can learn when we want and we will get all online facilities when we need we will get online lecturing videos and we can learn and hear to it whenever we are free and whenever we need. By this education has spread all over the world.

Made Class more Interesting

In olden days teachers used the only traditional method in which they have to use textbooks and other materials. So it was somewhat boring and not able to elaborate our thoughts. But in the modern era teacher has included new teaching techniques and methods in their curriculum which made teaching and learning process more interesting and attractive one. The teacher can use video clippings and pictures and other audiovisual aids to make the class more interesting and attractive. Students always expect new techniques and ideas from teachers which is very important to transfer knowledge and to enhance our learning capacity. So when a teacher uses videos and other technological devices in the classroom it naturally makes students attentive and naturally, they show their interest in studies and that particular subject. As we know visual deeply affect a student’s when compared to audio. By seeing visual one can get deep memory about that particular subject and they will understand that concept clearly and deeply. So that they will be able to score good marks in their academicals performance.

Good interaction with the Teacher

A subject will be more interesting when the particular subject teacher has a good rapport with the students. In the past teacher and students relation are official and didn’t have any kind of personal touch. But in this modern era, everything changed teachers activities related to subject presentation skills and also the mode of interaction with the students. It’s really important to have a friendly interaction with the students then the students will like the teacher and naturally they will try their best to score good marks in their particular subject. So by adopting technological method teacher can discuss matters and topic in the classroom. After showing the video clips related to the subject matter they will have a friendly discussion with will be very interesting for students. Then by creating a website and blog, they will have a friendly communication with the teacher it will boost their confidence in that particular subject. If they have any doubt they will post it the website of the classroom or they can send a message for the teacher to read it and teacher can reply it. Introvert students are mainly benefitted by this technological way of interaction because they are the persons who don’t talk much or don’t express their feeling but by internet communication, they will get the confidence to communicate with the teacher and it will help in their overall development.

Encourages creative writing

It’s another important benefit of technology. The teacher can create their own blog and website by including all students of that particular classroom. Then can direct to post creative writings and skills of students in that particular blog. At first, students will hesitate but if the teacher encourages them properly they will take an initial step. If one student starts then the teacher must comment positively so that the teacher can encourage more students to post it. Students can post their writing drawings their thoughts on social issues and have a discussion about that it’s really helpful to encourage creative thoughts and skills. The teacher must appreciate even the small improvement of the students. It will positively affect their academicals performance too. So our educational system is not subject oriented its students oriented and teacher must prepare the curriculum and any class activities according to the interest of students then only they will learn with ease.

Boost confidence in students

Boost Confidence in Students

Confidence is the very important aspect of life. Students must show confidence in their every activity. In the past when they get a seminar project and other academicals activities they felt very stressed and tense because they didn’t have many sources to refer and read. But now they have all kind of facilities. By their singe touch, they can get what they want. It’s very easy quick and dependable. It really helps to boost their confidence and helps to perform well in their academicals career. They will get online lecturing in that subject matter. If they miss their class or any confusion was raised they can check it on the internet. So they are free from stress and they will have that confidence that they can present their paper before that deadline. So it will not affect negatively. They can score a good score in their examination. This confidence will make them perfect for their future professional life too. They will not be stressed if they get a deadline in their professional this skill will work n that area so such elements make them be ready to face the future competitive world.

Electronic books

It really helps students. It’s like an online library they will get all kinds of books. They can read it when they need and when they feel to read. It will enhance the reading habits of students. When they read they will get different kinds of relative ideas and thoughts. Reading increases the vocabulary and also helps to correct their pronunciations skills. If you are traveling you don’t need to hold a number of books in such cases EBooks will help you in that single electronic books you will get all kinds of books and its really easy and effective one. If you are waiting for a bus or you are in the park doing nothing you can take that device and can read and read without any kind of hindrance. So reading makes a man wise. Now in this generation people generally don’t go the library because they get everything in their single touch so it’s helpful for students and make their reading more interesting by the graphics effects. So there is no doubt that technology-enhanced reading skill of students by its attractive mode of presentation.

Apps Related to Education

Technological devices and internet making learning and teaching process easier and flexible. So there are different kinds of applications which are related to other fields. Like applications related to music games videos and so many. In this kind of application, people are attracted and motivated. To enhance the learning process educational applications are developed which is very useful for students as well as to the teachers. An educational application helps students in their solving confusion doubts and other activities which is really helpful and exam oriented. Through games and other techniques, they made the learning process easy. At the primary level, there is an application which helps to teach alphabets to the students in an easy manner. It doesn’t get much effort students naturally learn it without much stress. So through the games learning process was developed and so many teacher and students are depending on such applications. By such applications, parents can also make their child learn and they can also engage themselves in teaching activities at home so it’s really useful.

There is no doubt that technology has changed our world and more than 90% of schools and educational institutions uses technological devices to make their teaching and learning process qualitative one. But when we are talking about the positive effects of technology we should not forget the other version of it. It has its own demerits so parents and teachers must be careful while using technological devices in the classroom and in-house. We must observe that our children are not going in the wrong path we must be careful about its use. Is the technology used on the right path then it’s the best way to enhance our learning process. All facilities are developed on the internet. Mostly it’s really useful in the educational process. Not only students but also teachers are benefitted by its use. They have the chance to apply new and unique teaching method in their curriculum which will positively affect the student’s academicals performance. When they get basic technological skill in tie academicals life then in future they will become expert in that field. Now itself we now that we are leaving in a technological era wherein every field we can see the glimpse of technology and in the future, there is no doubt that technology will be the most wanted educational qualifications. So our children must be an expert in this field. Then only they can face the future life without any kind of stress. Distance education gives chance to the people to enhance their learning process. It has no time limits any boundaries and they can learn when they want. If you are in a low level in your profession by taking a degree or other course you can ask for higher post so technology is spreading education all over the world. Education is the only means to achieve our dreams. If you want to succeed in life you must educate yourself. So technology is giving the path to reach your dreams and live a successful life.



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