7 Best Ways to Optimize Your WordPress Website

Optimize Your WordPress Website

When it comes down to loading WebPages; speed matters a lot. If your WordPress turns out to be slow and forces users to wait for even a few seconds, you might end up with negative feedbacks.

You will be able to notice rising bounce rates, decreased conversions and effects in your search rankings if your website is slow in delivering the desired results.

Website performance affects your rankings in search engines. Many website owners not only see a change in higher ranking, but also see an increase in the search engine spider crawlers in the results.

Propitiously, there are many things that you can do to optimize your website. WordPress offers you a lot of options for optimizing your site and make it faster and reliable. You can look over the web to hire a Word Press developer.

In this guide, we have focused on what you can do to boost website performance and optimize for speed.

So, without much ado, let’s get started.

Why you should have a fast website?

Nowadays, users focus on speed and your site must live up to the expectation. You need to prioritize your website’s speed and performance.

The biggest issue with having a slow website is that the users will lose patience and eventually leave. This affects your bounce rates that reflect the number of visitors that click away after only seeing one page. Speed is a factor Google cares about, so slow pages can lead to a reduction in conversions in search rankings.

You should also take a look at your site’s performance across other platforms. As the trend of using a smartphone has been in business since 2011, it is very necessary to provide a similar experience to what they used to get on a traditional computer.

Top 10 ways to optimize your WordPress website

  1. Choose a right and quality hosting plan

Picking up the right and quality hosting plan is one of the first and most important choices you want to make for your website. We all are aware, of the fact that your web host is where your site lives and is majorly needed to determine the site’s speed, performance, and how it suits to high traffic.

Focus on when a user will access your website, your hosts’ server will determine how quickly information is passed to them. Even if you optimize your site for speed, it won’t make much difference if your server is slow or your plan is deficient.

It is important to pick a hosting provider that plans suit as per your requirements. Any kind of hosting plan will suffer from inadequate RAM process and CPU handling.

You need to list out what your website needs to run seamlessly so don’t be a Cheap Stake while choosing a plan for the website.

  • Use a fast WordPress theme

Use a simple design that has been coded nicely, and uses an adequate number of images throughout the design.

Choose a simple and well-coded design that has been optimized for different screen sizes such as for desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. Adaptive designs that were developed for mobile phones improve the mobile user’s experience.

Most of the theme developers focus on optimizing their theme demo with caching and content delivery networks making it difficult to know how fast a design is before using it.

  • Monitor your plugins and update:

Nowadays, people are constantly inundated with update devices and software that we now have generally started ignoring them. However, when it comes to WordPress, you should always make sure to update every region of your website ASAP.

The most important reason for updating the WordPress website is the enhanced security that can tackle the latest threats.

Before the installation of a plugin, ask yourself why is it necessary? And list out the alternatives.

They are one of the biggest reasons of WordPress websites being unattractive and slow.

Install your plug-ins before researching them.

The more you will install without researching the more performance issues will arise.

Update your site in order to assure its pace and efficiency.

Make sure that the website uses the latest versions of PHP. This assures full compatibility with WordPress.  

  • Reduce post revisions, drafts, spam, pingbacks, and trackbacks.

Version 2.8 introduced the WordPress trash system that enables you to delete a particular content; be it a comment, post page, media and more. The deleted content is sent to the trash where it can be restored or permanently deleted.

But trash can also take a lot of space in your website database and the bigger the database the more time is needed to retrieve the values needed information.

By default, WordPress will automatically delete the trash after 30 days. The timing can be modified as per your wish.

Well, it is just trash that increases the size of the database. Various posts populate the data.

It is necessary to regularly delete the spams, and unwanted pingbacks and trackbacks.

The feature of the WordPress system allows you to go back to revisit older versions of articles, view them, and restore them.  Revisions will be generated each time you save the articles thus increasing the size of the database. It is necessary to deduce the number to something practical.

You can customize it all with simple codes adding to your main website.

  • Optimize your image for the web

Images can be a real help when it comes to breaking of long text and help your articles be shared to the world on various platforms.

It is very necessary to optimize the images of any format for the internet before you transmit them to your site.

Pages that contain many images can take a long time to load increasing the time. A good plugin like WP Smush.it optimizes JPEG images, strip metadata and converts GIF images to PNG.

  • Compress your website files:

Minification may be a term that may sound scientific and difficult. It is just a process for making your website’s code more efficient. The compression of your website files is needed for the fast working of the website.

Make some changes in the code that helps you to minify the size of the files resulting in fast operations.

  • Choose your advertisements wisely

Find the most active way of promoting a product or service on your WordPress site such as a direct link to the page using an image.

Advertisements are necessary for most websites to survive. You need to balance between speed and revenue-generating from it.


With the advent of search engine placing, it is vital for your website to have fast loading web pages.  A lot of people assume that you need to be an expert to optimize a WordPress website but it is a myth and is not necessary.

Follow good practices and take advantage of caching and content delivery networks for your website.

And remember, optimization is no longer an option, you have to do it to stand among the best one.

AUTHOR BIO: ANSHUL SHARMA, CEO of FLUPER- a mobile app development company, has mastered its way of taking his company forth. He is a dedicated and passionate entrepreneur who knows the worth of a WordPress developer and the need of it in the industry.  He carries a zeal to learn from wherever the scope is and believes in sharing his strong knowledge base with others.

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