Is Python A Preferred Language For Startups?

Is Python A Preferred Language For Startups

Python is a preferred language for startups:

In the rat race of programming languages, it’s very hard for any language to be on the top. So, to lie above, simple and dynamic functions is always appreciated by everyone. Python comes in the category of those languages and prefers from beginners to expert web developers. Python language was executed by Guido Van Rossum in 1989, but it received a large recognition in the 2000s. The biggest advantage of this language is that it can handle a huge amount of data and users simultaneously. Most importantly, its very hard to write bad code in Python because of its coding quality.

Python Language

Here, we have discussed some other aspects this language that why Python is a preferred language for startups:

1. Faster In Building The Minimum Viable Product (Mvp)

For the newly started business, it is important to attract new customer with its fast and quality services. To deal with this, they require to build a quick and functional prototype to test the results after each iteration. So, startups always prefer programming language that will give them a quick working prototype to showcase the actual potential of their business to new investors. Like Java and C++ languages, Python also provides a rapid application development. In short, it definitely takes less time to develop an MVP with Python than any other language.

2. Python Provides A Scalable Business To Its Users

Python is simple and more consistent programming language than any other. This is the reason why major search engine Google and popular websites like Yahoo, DropBox, YouTube, Instagram, Quora, Spotify and many more are built in Python language. The easy scalability is also the main reason behind its popularity. Python helps the business in finding their actual target goal and in handling rapid business growth.

The truth behind the Python’s success is that it is simpler and consistent than any other core programming languages. So if a startup founder will choose this language than it will be easier for him to scale his business growth.

3. Python Is A Cost-effective

To deal with Python Project one need to hire less number of web developer as compared to other programming languages, the reason behind it requires an agile teamwork. The word “Agile team” defines the cluster of cross-functional people who work together to complete a project. This proves as a less cost-effective deal. Therefore, Python allows the startups to be free from the ease of development costs.

4. Python is More User-friendly Language

Easy readability and simple embedded codes make Python more user-friendly language. It’s uncluttered syntax guide the startups to use this programming language easily. Moreover, python’s inbuilt directory data structure helps the startups in early project completion. Python language also includes high-quality data typing, which minimizes the length of the support code.

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5. Python Has A Rich Library For Assistance

Python has a huge pre-built and a very standard library for the benefit of startups. Its code reversal task libraries also help the beginners in getting a good knowledge of programming language. Moreover, it has an extensive third-party library that works as an icing on the cake for web-developers in completing the task as soon as possible.

6. Python Brings Along A Helpful Community At Service

The biggest advantage of Python language is that it creates fairly large community support by highly experienced and knowledgeable group of people. In general, there is nothing better than having help at hand. So, the language is ranking up miles and enjoys a greater support from enthusiastic fans who are willing to support each other. They are also dedicated to spreading the use of language far and wide. Python took advantage of creating different high-level communities like 5th largest StackOverflow and 3rd largest meetup community. Python is the 4th most used language at Github.

Bottom Line

With the usage of Python by tech-giants, python has become the world’s fourth most frequently used programming language. The Successful working of websites like YouTube, Survey Monkey, Spotify, and Bitly etc making its higher score rate day by day. So, if you also want to take benefits of this popular Python language you can join Python Online Course Toronto.

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