10 Best Easy to Use Tools & Apps to Streamline your Marketing Efforts

Tools and Apps for Marketers

Are you looking for efficient software which has the capability to market your products more efficiently than you do?

If you are depressed with your business to slow down with no hope to revive your status, then you don’t have to worry about all these silly issues. The new marketing automation software has made is very feasible for the companies and business owners to enhance their business to a level, which you have never imagined.

There are several emerging software of this kind, wherein the challenge lies in choosing the best one that will serve you the best for your business.  So to make things easier for you, we have listed the top 10, based on the ease of use, client reviews and results generated.

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Although we have not categorized in any specific order, you can be assured that you are in the right direction, if you wish to go with any of them listed below.

Top 10 Tools & Apps 

  1. QuickScrum

Have you been using QuickScum?

We are in a highly competitive business age, you need your business to be automated. According to a recent survey, companies who use such tools (marketing automation) have more than 54% leads to qualified leads and suggests revenue growth of more than three percent higher than non – users.

QuickScrum is not like other marketing automation tool out there. It is recognized widely and offers dramatic results, also, because the platform was developed by experts. And not some strange developers who know nothing.

You can make use of its rich features and capabilities to generate leads, launch leader nurturing programs and get more sales. Also, you can attain extra results without the need of talking to a client in person.

QuickScrum marketing automatic software tools can be used to;

  • Add a lead to your campaign, track landing pages, and streamline content creation.
  • You will get real-time – data, which you can use in content creation
  • Set definite goals, and develop automated workflows that enhance productivity
  1. Marketo

If you are looking for an all-around functional platform that offers, customer engagement marketing, marketing automation, marketing channels, and marketing calendars then why not try Marketo. Its key features are;

  • Lead generation
  • Measure and optimize return on investment (ROI)
  • Search marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Campaign marketing
  • Website visitor monitoring
  • Web and mobile personalization
  1. Artic

Prompts personalize messages to your clients over different platforms at the same time based on their location, web activity, buyer’s stage and buying behavior. With the nameless lead tracking feature, target your potential clients again with productive marketing messages and generate more lead conversions.

  • A/b testing
  • Conversion tracking
  • Advanced search engine optimization
  • Competitor tracking
  • Nameless lead generation and tracking
  1. customer.io

If you want to send targeted and personal messages to clients based on their interaction with your business then customer.io can provide the right service for you. It offers seamless mobile app and website marketing automation tool which also provides real-time data to prompt actions based on the customer behavior and your pre-defined tools.

  • Conversion tracking
  • A/B testing
  • Send emails to clients based on their behavior
  • Quality customer profiles
  1. Active demand

Want to get rid of the assumption in your marketing? Then give this marketing automation software a shot. This software is highly predictive and also one of the best platforms for agencies and marketers.

ActiveDemand offers;

  • Call tracking
  • Value delivery
  • Seamless automation
  1. Sales Mango

This software is programmed with a Next gen user behavioral engines – which offers advanced tracking, heat map and much more. The software offers you a deeper perception whether it is identified or anonymous visitor as to why they landed on your page and what are they looking for.

  • Content management and lead scoring
  • Funnel management – makes sales predictable, sustainable and profitable
  • CRM and call center integration
  • Conversion and return on investment analytics
  1. iContact

iContact offers top-notch email marketing as well as marketing automation solutions to all sized businesses since 2003. iContact provides flexible, user – friendly solutions that go beyond basic email to offer unique experiences.

  1. BuzzBuilder Pro

Looking for sales and marketing automation tool that offers lead generations, prospecting and nurturing seamless, BuzzBuilder Pro is an effective sales team tool for business people and marketers.

  • Website form builder
  • Advanced email marketing automation
  • Lead nurturing
  • Hot lead alerts
  • SMM (Social Media Marketing)
  1. Genoo

A complete marketing automation suite tool that comes at a pocket-friendly price, the software provides a complete lead database, lead capture forms, and landing page creation tools. Also loaded with other functions and features to enormously enhance your organization’s marketing effectiveness.

  • Intuitive landing page design
  • Lead segmentation upon capture
  • Full-featured CMS
  • Complete lead activity tracking
  • SEO
  • On – page SEO
  1. Buzzportal

A comprehensive marketing automation tool which offers more than fifteen different lead nurturing models to engage with your clients and members. It not only includes just digital, but also offers a complete range of communication channels including social, email, fax, voice and more for mass automated communication for all businesses.

  • List manager
  • Online surveys
  • Event manager
  • Link tracking tool
  • Landing page builder

Building a relationship with your clients is a seamless way to enhance your CLV (Customer Lifetime Value), never make mistake about it.  Of course, Marketing automation software is highly helpful and important, but they must never substitute a personal touch.

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