10 Security issues app developers need to know while developing mobile app

10 Security issues app developers need to know

Top 10 Security Issues App Developers Need to Know for App Development

Mobile applications are the order of the day. Day by day lot many new apps are coming into market with various new features. But, one thing which the developer need to take care is the security of the app. Security should be the key feature of all mobile apps. This is because if proper security controls are not applied while developing an app then the mobile application would be vulnerable to various security issues.

Hackers are now targeting mobile apps for getting information about consumer person details and they use it for other purposes, so following are some ways by which mobile app can be made more secure.

  1. Writing a secure code: Coding is an essential feature which hackers may exploit and can reverse engineer it. So it is necessary to build a hard code which cannot be broken easily and timely upgradation of code also helps to harden it.
  2. Encrypting the data: Encryption is the process of converting the data transmission into a form which no one else can read without decrypting it. This serves as an excellent way to protect the data. In any case if the hacker stole the data they cannot read it without decrypting.
  3. Careful usage of libraries: the involvement of Third party libraries for code building is inevitable so utmost care need to be taken in selecting libraries.
  4. Usage of authorized API: Never use any unauthorized API in your app code, as it allows the hackers to use your personal details. It is recommended to have central authorization for entire API to ensure mobile app security.
  5. High level authentication: Authentication mechanism should be made as strong as possible because weak authentication may harm the mobile app security. Most commonly used authentication modes are via password or OTP.
  6. Tampered detection technique: If the code is modified or changed it will be detected using this method. It is vital to log off code changes of your mobile app so that hackers cannot inject bad code in your app.
  7. Provide least privileges: The access to the code should be given only to limited number of people. Keeping the network as simple as possible as it enhances the security.
  8. Proper session management: In general session on mobile are longer than the desktop sessions. Hence extra care to be taken for session management. It is important for maintaining the security in case of lost device or stolen device. The app should also be featured with remote wipe off and log off options to protect the data of lost devices.
  9. Use of Cryptography tools and techniques: Use encrypted protocols like SHA256 and AES for key management. Use trusted Encryption methods for your data to ensure security.
  10. Test repeatedly: Day by day security aspects are changing and so as the upgradation, hence regular testing is an idle solution for mobile app security. Use of security patches in your mobile app with each of new version and update released will serve useful.

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Above mentioned are some of the security measures which helps mobile app developers to ensure and enhance security levels in mobile applications. In these modern days, there is an utmost need for the cyber security and hence the need and importance for the various measures for mobile app security. Following these measures while mobile app development serves very useful.

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