Top 10 Small Business Ideas for 2019 in India with Small Budget

Small Business Ideas 2019

Low Budget Small Business Ideas in India

Looking for something which can crop good earning for you? No Small Business ideas how to start new profitable business with less investment? No Worries!! On this platform you will get Top 10 Small Business Ideas In your budget.

Business is a person’s regular occupation, Profession or trade which in turns earns profit. Business can be at small scale or large scale. Usually people start with small scale business and by earning profits lead small business to a large scale business.

Objective and Features of Business

As we have understood business is exchange of goods and services to earn profit. Every business has some objectives and features.. Features of business are as below.

1. Dealing in Goods and services: First and foremost feature of any business is deal in goods and services. Goods can be consumer goods like bread, butter, footwear etc. & producer goods like machinery, equipment, Tools etc. Services can be banking, transport etc.

2. Production and exchange: Business depends on production of goods and exchange in return of money. There are 2 types of people involved in business i.e buyer and seller.

3. Profit Motive: Profit is the main ingredient of business which makes it to survive, grow and expand. Profit is foremost motive of everyone and anyone for business is to earn maximum profit.

4. Element of Risk: Every business involves risk factor in it. There are 2 type of risk, one that can be calculated and insured and other cannot be calculated and insured. Insured risk can be of theft, fire etc. Fall in market demand, change in Fashion cannot be insured.

There are 3 types of business objective as mentioned below:

  1. Economic Objectives: This is the foremost and prime objective of any business. Economic Objective primarily means earning profit, exploring new market and build new business relations, introducing new innovative ideas for improving goods and Services.
  2. Social Objective: Social Objective includes Supplying quality goods, Fair returns to investors, providing goods at reasonable prices.Social objectives and Economic objectives go hand to hand.
  3. Human Objectives:This objective is related to employees working in a firm. Human Objective means offering fair deals to employees in terms of wages and incentives, job satisfaction, good working conditions, providing opportunity for growth.

Top 10 Small Business Ideas In India with Small Budget

Is your main aim is to become wealthy? But not getting the right idea to start profitable business. Here we are listing Top 10 profitable Small business ideas which you can start with low budget.

    1. Tiffin Services: This is one of the businesses, which can be initiated with low investment. Nowadays tiffin service is in great demand. Tiffin service business is best for people with cooking as hobby. They can use their hobby as passion. This business can be started from our kitchen itself by preparing fresh food and supply it to different offices, homes and paying guests.
    2. Sewing and Alteration: This can also be one of the businesses you can start from your home and with low investment. Sewing and alteration shop, usually known as boutique is bet business for people with creative mind with designing. Boutiques are always in demand specially for ladies. Indian style, western, Indo western are some of the dresses style which is always in demand.
    3. Packing Services: Packing Business is in demand. While shifting stuffs, everyone wants it should be transferred from one place to other with proper handling and care. So usually people hire outsource professionals for transferring stuffs. So you can start this low budgeted service business by hiring manpower and can earn profit. To Start this business no special qualification and skills required.
    4. Social Media Consultant: These days Digital marketing is in trend specially on social media Platforms. So you can start your own social media consultancy and promote different brands and products online on Social media. This online business is again require low investment and can be initiated through home only and is highly profitable. Along with Social media marketing you can start affiliation marketing. Only essential requirement of this business is knowledge of computers and internet.
    5. Graphic Designer: If you have skill and hand on experience of designing you can open graphic designing business. Every brand needs logo designing and special designs for promotion of their brand and product. These designers are in huge demand specially for social media marketing as different posts need to be designed and posted on social media platforms for promotions.
    6. Financial Advisor: This Budgeted business require little skill and experience. If you have knowledge of finance market you can start your own consultancy related to finance and guide people on how to invest safely, where to invest for more profit. Initially start with consulting individual and grow up to consult large organisations as well.
    7. Tour & Travel Planner: No Doubt so many online travel booking platforms are available and anybody can book their tickets. But there are so many factors to compare with like Flights, best hotels at tourist places, Car rental, Tours, Activities. If you have skill, you can provide all these services to customers with less time by keeping your surcharge for your services. Good communication skill is basic qualification required for this business.
    8. Event & Party Planning: For every Special occasion and party professional planner are in demand to make special day more special. Creativity and good communication are the skills required for Event Planning Business. This business require no special place as you can meet your clients in café, restaurants or in venue decided for party.
    9. Online Tutorial: You can start your own teaching school online. This kind of business is in huge demand as parent finds it safe to give tuition to their kids at their home place. To start online tutorial computer setup is required.
    10. Day care Services: These days day care center are in huge demand both for kids and elder. All working ladies require these kinds of services. You can start up your day care center both for kids and elders. A Single room spacious space and assistant is investment which you need to invest for this business.


If Qualified and want to be your own boss. Looking for business but not getting Good Ideas for Business with low investment and high profit. This Blog with surely gives you good small business ideas to start up your own business of your choice. Some business are that much of low investment that you can start initially from your home even


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