Do You Know These Top 5 Hidden Android Functions?

Best Hidden Android Features

In this fast moving world, various technologies are invented and developed every now and then. These technologies have simplified our lives to a great extent. Starting with our basic amenities to advance ones, we can access these technologies very easily.

Most of our life challenges are becoming easier to achieve with the advent of modern technologies. These have a far reaching impact on our day to day lives. In this competitive world, developers in different companies are constantly working to come up with something unique at regular intervals.

From early days numerous inventions in every field have changed our lives in various ways. There has been a great advancement in the field of telecommunication in the last two decades. With the introduction of mobile phones and then upgraded to smart phones have hugely influenced our lives.

The introduction of Android by Google as an operating system for the touch screen mobile devices like the smart phones and tablets has created a sensation in the telecommunication field. Its exclusive features have brought the world into the hand of its users.

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For the past one decade, we have seen massive transformation of this operating system with the various upgrades to the latest versions from time to time. Each new version comes with some unique features of its own surpassing the older ones. The names of these versions are also fascinating like Kitkat, Jelly Bean, Marshmallow, Oreo and a few more.

The latest ones are Pie and Nougat which have been recently launched. This constant upgrade of versions with new features has kept Android to be one of the best-selling and one of the most popular operating system among its users. Another reason of its popularity is that it is less expensive than other popular OS found in the market.

As a result, any device bearing an Android OS is much affordable than other devices. Many renowned companies in the world prefer to use Android as the operating system in their devices. The best mobile phones in India have Android as their OS.

At present Google has also developed Android for various other electronic devices like Android TV for television, Wear OS for smart watches, Android Auto for cars and also for game console, digital cameras and many more.

Nowadays, there is hardly any person found who does not carry a smart phone in their pockets or in their bags. Though, many are still unaware of the actual capabilities of these devices to an extent. An Android device overflows with numerous options for various purposes. It has made our mobile user experience convenient and exciting. With the launch of different versions at different period of time, several new features have been added along with the older ones.

In general, an Android device comes with a user friendly interface which can be well operated by all even if he or she is not a tech savvy. With the new developments in the latest versions, some older features may have got lost or are no more in use with time.

An Android device comes in various shapes and sizes having many incredible features along with certain hidden ones which may have been overlooked or are unaware of. Some of these features can surely improve the mobile use experience found in the Best Mobile Phone in India. These features may vary with different devices as it depends on the version used in the same. Although the general operating system remains the same, some manufacturers modify it by putting a software skin on top. In the following discussion rediscover some of the hidden functions in most of the Android devices.

5 Best Hidden Android Features

  1. Go Split Screen

The Split Screen mode is very useful while doing multitasking. It allows displaying two separate applications on the mobile screen at one and the same time. In older versions, at first, open one app and hold down the square button or overview button until the screen splits. The already opened app can be seen on one side and the other app can be chosen from the recently used app.

Tap on the icon of the app to feature on the split screen mode. This is how one can view two apps at the same time if required. Hold down on the square button again which already indicate the new mode to un-split the screen. It will take you to the original screen of the app opened at first.

In case of devices with the version ‘Pie’ or the latest one, both having gesture navigation feature the process is slightly different from the traditional ones. Hold on the overview button or the square one which will show the recently used apps in order. Tap the app which is required to be featured in the split screen and drag it to the top of the screen.

A small menu will come up displaying ‘split screen’. Put it on the required place and you may see the screen to be split into halves. Now choose from the other apps that are displayed which will be seen below the former app. For moving out from the split screen mode, drag down the top app to get the original screen.

  1. Text-to-Speech

With this feature, you may able to listen to inbound info rather than reading it. To access this function go to the Settings menu and tap on Accessibility. Then turn on ‘text-to-speech output’ from the options.

  1. Remotely Locating Feature in Smartphone

This is an excellent feature to locate the mobile device even if you lose it. Just tap the Settings icon and then go to Security. You will find the ‘Device administrators’ in the option. Tick the checkbox in the Android device manager saying ‘remotely locate this device’ and permit remote lock & erase’. This will help you to find the lost device and keep your data safe by going to your Google account and search for ‘Find my device’.

  1. Guest Mode

It often happens that a friend or a colleague asks for your mobile phone to use. In such cases you may turn on the ‘Guest Mode’ which will allow them to use the general features of your device, keeping the personal data secured and unnoticeable. Slide downward from the top-screen to see the general user icon located to the right upper.  Click on the ‘Add Guest’ icon and choose amongst the actions you would like the guest user to get access to while handling your device.

  1. A Hidden Game

From Android2.3 version which was known as Gingerbread, the developers have kept a small surprise for its users. There is a secret in-built game in all Android devices be it a smart phone or a tablet. Enter the Settings menu and then to the ‘About the phone’ option. Quickly go on tapping on the ‘Android version’ for several times. A small colourful circle will come up. Tapping on it will open a mini game.  

All these hidden functions are easily available in the best mobile phone in India having the latest Android versions as their OS. Learn these features to explore the secret world of Android within your devices.

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