What is Artificial Intelligence?

what is artificial intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence is the intelligence demonstrated by machines in contrast to the natural intelligence displayed by the humans and animals. It is also stated as the branch of computer science which emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans.It has been evolving as the essential part of the today’s technology.

To more simple AI research can be defined as the study of intelligent agents, any device perceive it’s environment and take the actions more proportionately so as to maximize the success rate. AI is similar to that of machine mimics : Cognitive functions as that of human  minds such as learning and problem solving.

The major goals or problems of artificial intelligence research includes the following. Such as


Knowledge Representation



Ability to move and manipulate the objects

Natural Language Processing

Perception etc.

Knowledge engineering and machine learning are the core part of AI technology. Machines can often act and react like humans if they have enough information related to the world. It must have access to objects,categories and properties and relationship between them to implement knowledge engineering. Machine learning requires an ability to identify the stream of inputs and perception deals with sensory inputs. AI is also used in manipulating the robots.

Many companies are building the solutions using the AI you need to check whether they fit your business requirement or not.

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Pros  and cons of using artificial intelligence:


There are several pros of investing  the Artificial Intelligence in our day to day life.

  • Accuracy is achieved: It is the real fact that humans does mistakes and errors but whereas machines does not unless there is any detect in the system or program. Artificial Intelligence helps in making the error free processing of data in spite of bulk volume.
  • Used in space exploration: Artificial Intelligence is a branch of robots which helps in space exploration. The robots are the intelligent machines which had the ability to explore entire space planet. These robots function accurately irrespective of atmosphere changes in the spatial region.
  • Used in Mining: Intelligence programs which are controlled using the programmed AI can be used to dig the fuels and explore the depth of oceans as well. These machines overcome the limitations of the humans.
  • Replace the labor work or employment: Intelligent machines will create the work opportunities which will certainly replace the humans in many areas of work especially the robots in the labour tasks.The robots can perform the human challenges with the equipped AI software with some programmed instructions in them. As the result work force or human power is reduced which saves cost in creating an application.
  • AI in smartphones: In our day to day life AI had been implemented in many areas such as in smartphone usage. It makes your daily life much easier. The AI bilut smartphones enables to track the GPS locations, maps and predict or track the user locations, user actions and show you the recommended apps for your choice.
  • AI acts as Fraud Detection system: You can detect frauds in the smart card based systems if you use the AI application.Many of financial institutions and banks are using the AI so as to manage and organize the records and data very securely.
  • AI used in acting as the Digital Assistants:At present many organizations use the digital assistants by replacing the human need so as to interact with the users of the company or any product or service.Thus saving money and time as well.
  • Artificial Intelligence is employed into machines so as to carry out the repetitive,time consuming and dangerous tasks very peacefully.The intelligence in the machine can adjust the parameters such as speed and time to act quickly.
  • AI in gaming: With the help of AI you can play game where it acts as the opponent to play the game. The AI helps to moves the game in response to ours.
  • AI in Medical History: AI had been used in Medical for diagnosis and treatment of several diseases.It is used to diagnose the brain functioning and the neurological problems too.Surgery simulators use the machine intelligence in training the medical students etc. With the helps of robotic radiosurgery, radiation can be given to tumors without affecting other surrounding tissues.
  • Non Stop functioning: Unlike humans it won’t requires any rest. It functions continuously without any error or damage or even sleep. It helps in solving the dangerous tasks where the human risk and safety is compared.


  • Cost on maintenance and repair: One of the major disadvantage is the cost incurred on the maintenance and repair. Regularly the programs designed to be updated and the machines need to work smarter. Suppose in case of any breakdown or issue with the system functioning, it costs a lot to repair by consuming time and cost to recollect the lost data.
  • As you know that intelligence is the gift of nature and  it’s ideological correct to create replicas of the human beings. It is not ethically proven correct to install into a machine for our benefit.
  • machines can store,access and retrieve huge data as that of humans but not effective. Because if the situation demands humans can choose any different option to solve the problem but machines cannot they perform the same actions repeatedly unless you change the programming code.
  • Lack of sense of human touch: The machines built with AI technology lack of human touch because robots are used in medical surgery to treat. They can cure the disease but there is no sense of fee, service, care or concern as of that human beings have. Though they perform and become more intelligence there is no lack of human feel.
  • Lack of creative thinking as that of humans. You can see that humans think in a creative manner to solve a problem. But machines are controlled with programmed instructions they cannot think beyond the input programmed code. It’s the main difference between humans and machines.
  • Unemployment increases: If robots control and do all the work and there will be certainly reduction in human use. Which will lead to unemployment and homeless.
  • If humans does any wrong, it can controlled and managed with in fraction of seconds. But when a machine does an wrong it will destruct the entire process or task.
  • If robots superseding humans and if they are proven as smarter we as the human beings are -enslaves and they start ruling our destiny.

It should be analyzed that AI had many pros and cons before employing it. One should carefully weigh the pros and cons so as to get better.

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