Why Choose Digital Marketing as a Career?

Digital Marketing

Scope of Digital Marketing as a Career in Future

Digital Marketing is the advanced technology used to expose the business through online and it is also called online marketing. The selling products and services within the internet for the customer convenience of living can place an order with the help of websites. Most of the business is transformed digitally and enhancing their sales through promotions, and advertisements and this type of operations need Digital Marketing experts to promote their products and services in the concerned media.

The Internet plays a vital role in the development of Digital Marketing mainly on smartphones devices. As we all know that smartphones usages are increased to 80% and according to the survey, every user spends their 3 hours time on the mobile device with internet access.

Number of Mobile Phone users worldwide from 2014 to 2020 (in billions)


Source: https://www.statista.com/

What is exactly Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is the process applied to expose business products and services to reach your customers through online media channels with the help of techniques such as SMO, SEM, SEO, and Email Marketing. Digital Marketing is a powerful tool that helps the customer to have access to business information 24*7 all the time.

It is the continuous growing source of shopping, media, online entertainment, and social communication, now the customer is expecting to reach your business through online with internet access.

Exactly Digital Marketing

Why Digital Marketing is Important?

  • A small business can have the ability to reach more customers and can expand their business globally
  • It creates the ability to communicate with probabilities and customer can learn about business products and services information (details, prices, and reviews)
  • Business persons can save money and time by effective way of approaching more customer than traditional methods.
  • Companies can get to understand the customer and enable them to learn product information
  • Companies can track the audience from which place obtaining more sales and based on the tracking reports possible to increase sales.
  • It helps to create customer loyalty, where it supports to maintain customer for the long term with companies

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Reasons to choose Digital Marketing as a Career

Digital Marketing creates equal opportunities in business and enhancing the scope for learners. Candidates can receive their career in the demanding field of Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing career includes many aspects such as technical, creative and promotion skills. The field always keeps you updated constantly for learning new methods, and extends the skills in the evolving era.

Demanding fields in Digital Marketing

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Social media Optimization
  • E-commerce Marketing
  • E-mail Advertisements
  • Content management
  • Website development
  • Website design
  • SEO Copywriter
  • Google Analytics

Digital marketing manager– Digital marketing executives having 5 years and more experience will help them apply for the post of a digital marketing manager. The more creative you can be and have a unique approach towards the job role will easily help you earn from 12-18 Lakhs per annum depending on the company you choose. Small firms and startup companies offer up to 8 Lakhs per annum. The best ways you know to drive traffic and carry out the complete digital marketing strategy will be of great advantage for the job role.

Content Marketing Manager– The content marketing managers are responsible for maintaining the company blogs, sales page copywriting, Email communications, Drip marketing campaigns, PR,  e-Books publications, video marketing, and guest blogging etc.

A content Marketing manager can either manager several content writers under them or can work solo according to the requirements of the firms. As a content writer the best part about this job role is you can work according to your convince and also offer services to other companies as a freelancer, Depending on the quality of your work you can easily earn up to 10 to 15 lakhs after having an experience of 3 to 5 years in the field of content writing. If you can showcase your work that will create a benchmark for the quality of content you can write or generate.

Social Media Experts – social media marketing specialists are the lifeline of digital marketing. Social media marketers have a huge demand in the current market.  The social media marketing experts are responsible to set up paid advertisements for firms such as Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, Twitter ads, YouTube ads and also these Ads help the business to create ads for doing the niche related marketing, which helps you generate more leads for the business and to drive traffic to your business. You can get the social media certifications from Google, Hotspot or SEMRush by attending the online or classroom training in reputed training institute.

Search Engine Marketers–  The search engine marketers play a huge role in doing marketing through the search engine;     Google is the largest search engine with 1 million of users which makes it the top search engine for the current generation. When we talk about search engine marketing it directly refers to running of Google ad word Ads. Now a day’s top companies have a pool of SEM employees in the companies.  Big companies hire a dedicated SEM for the company and the major skills required for SEM are to get the targeted leads and clicks from the given budget for the assigned Google ads.

Most of the work of the SEM involves the work such as keyword research, ad copywriting and split testing of the ads campaigns. Small companies hire fresher’s for the job role of a Search Engine Marketers and the big business hire an experienced individual as SEM to run Google ads.

SEO Executives– the SEO experts have vital roles to play in an organization and they play a very important in search engine optimization and save a lot of money for the organization for Adwords, as they don’t have to run expensive Ad words campaigns. The major job role of SEO experts involve keywords research, managing the user experience, getting the pages indexed, ensure the content being posted is not plagiarized.

The SEO expert must be aware of all the online tools available such as webmaster, moz.com, competitor analysis, etc, there are many other tools which are available which one must be aware of. With the growing number of years, you can easily grow in this field as SEO experts by getting good knowledge from reputed SEO training institute along with SEO certification which will help you for your future.

Conversion Rate Optimizer– the CRO experts must have the art to ensure more conversation ration of leads in each and every step of the marketing funnel.  The conversion rate optimizer works with the team of digital marketers and also can work with the inbound manager to set up proper landing pages in order to get more leads and follows with more lead conversions, which will help the organization generate more revenue. The CRO experts must have complete knowledge and must expertise in handling the tools required such as heat maps, crazyegg.com, etc.

Copywriter– The Copywriter job is similar to that of the CRO experts they will work with many people in the digital marketing team.  They help in providing a dynamic solution to the social media marketers to post quality of contents on the various social media channels they also ensure that the SEO experts write better Ad copy’s to drive traffic. Most of the small organizations do not a dedicated copywriter, so this job can also be done CRO experts if they acquired all the required skills.

The scope of digital marketing as a career

Digital marketing is not different from the traditional marketing both are used to drive traffic and create brand awareness, but due to the advancement in the technology and with a great opportunity in the field of digital marketing, we have a huge demand for digital marketing expert. From start-up to the top-notch companies have requirements for digital marketers.

Having the right knowledge in the field of digital marketing will boost your career opportunity as you can also provide freelance services and earn revenue from those services as well as work for cooperates and have a bright future.  Digital marketing is the best choice to be made by the upcoming generation. Digital marketing is an emerging and also one of the highest paying sectors in the country.

To expertise in digital marketing as a career, one must choose the best digital marketing Institutes to obtain the relevant skills and can crack the interview with confidence. At present there are many top Digital Marketing Training Institutes are there but choosing the right one can transform your career in this field.

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